23 May 2009

Spot YOURS!!!

I'm a bit on the mean side. I'm actually very mean. I hate wasting anything. Food, money, thread, fabric etc.

So because of my frugality I have kept all the scraps of fabric from my bag making. If you've bought a roly poly or one of the latest bags you may spot 'yours' in the pictures below!!!

Earlier this week (or was it last week, even) I decided to start a new line in shopping bags (also called totes in America). Thus I got out all my scraps.

This is the 'fabric' I've made for the first shopper.

This will be the 'only' shopper as it took me forever to do!!! That's unless people are prepared to pay a lot of money for one!!!! Also I got bored towards the end too. I haven't made one of these for years and years and years. I'm not even sure where the original bag went to - it's probably up in the loft somewhere.

As I still have to make up the bag this is definitely a 'lost leader' in my brain!!!

22 May 2009

Tatting on autopilot!

Some time ago I spoke about a friend and the fact that I do tatting for her from time to time.

Last week she rang me up to ask for more help. Sadly she has suffered a stroke so can't tat at the moment. I've been working my little socks off doing more little motifs for her.

This is the link to my last post about this work.

I hate to repeat myself - Nick's always telling me that I do but I put it down to having been a teacher for so long!!! Oh, and raising two kids!!!

21 May 2009

Good Luck

I have a dear friend who is moving into a new house on her own this coming week.

I'm not one for making cards but I made this little one for her. Her living room has a green carpet and she loves 'bling'. Thus the beaded horseshoe.

Guess what? I forgot to scan the card before posting it!!! Oh, heck, also forgot to write down how I made it!!!

What a megga dumby I am. All who agree please stand up and be counted.

YIKES - THAT many agree? Oh, dear - I'm off outa here!!!

20 May 2009

Look what flew in yesterday

Now, in our town we have a butterfly farm which does a lot of work preserving some of the species of insects etc which live there.

So, yesterday when the butterfly below arrived I was astonished to see that it had come all the way from Scotland!!!!

Isn't this so pretty? It was a gift from Trayna (thank you SO much, Trayna) along with some motifs for the Ring of Tatters bookmarks.

Below is also a scan of the frame I found for the butterfly. Now, all I've got to do is find something to mount the critter on and then assemble it.

She'd also put in a skein of Madeira embroidery floss which I've never tried before.

19 May 2009

Still monkeying around!

First of all a bit of a confession!!!!

The Funky Monkey wasn't the first monkey that I did. I did the 'lot' that are on the web page today first.

I started sort of aiming for the standing up version and then somebody I was talking to said 'why not the 3 wise monkeys'?

This meant another google search for a good picture and the rest was relatively straightforward.

Oddly enough the 3 wise ones have longer bodies. The arms and heads vary slightly but tat's all.

18 May 2009

The old bag lady strikes again!!!

While I've been teasing about the monkeys (don't forget to watch the index page for the next pattern) I've also been busy with the bags.

Below are some that are finished along with two further pink bags (Sherry, I've got yours put by, so don't worry!).

The pale blue one is covered with music notation. Also some musical references written on it too. As I've never been interested in the least in music I've no idea what it all means!!!

If anybody would like one of these bags please drop me a line on lovetotat @ gmail.com and I'll send you one!!!! Oh, you'll get an invoice from Paypal too!!!!

I doubt I'll list these in Etsy until I get back from America. I will be taking them to Palmetto tat days with me!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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