21 May 2009

Good Luck

I have a dear friend who is moving into a new house on her own this coming week.

I'm not one for making cards but I made this little one for her. Her living room has a green carpet and she loves 'bling'. Thus the beaded horseshoe.

Guess what? I forgot to scan the card before posting it!!! Oh, heck, also forgot to write down how I made it!!!

What a megga dumby I am. All who agree please stand up and be counted.

YIKES - THAT many agree? Oh, dear - I'm off outa here!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Its lovely Jane, the colours are great, and fancy not writing the pattern down, would you see me doing that?!!!!!!!! I hope your friend enjoys her new home.

Ladytats said...

nonsense Jane, you are just imagining things.
you can't be dummy when you have brain cell #3 popping in any time he pleases.
Take care and have a good day.

Valerie said...

the horseshoe is beautiful! i'm sure your friend wouldn't mind you not being able to make cards! : )

Gina said...

I just realized this must be very small - perfect for a card! What a nice friend you are!

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