23 May 2009

Spot YOURS!!!

I'm a bit on the mean side. I'm actually very mean. I hate wasting anything. Food, money, thread, fabric etc.

So because of my frugality I have kept all the scraps of fabric from my bag making. If you've bought a roly poly or one of the latest bags you may spot 'yours' in the pictures below!!!

Earlier this week (or was it last week, even) I decided to start a new line in shopping bags (also called totes in America). Thus I got out all my scraps.

This is the 'fabric' I've made for the first shopper.

This will be the 'only' shopper as it took me forever to do!!! That's unless people are prepared to pay a lot of money for one!!!! Also I got bored towards the end too. I haven't made one of these for years and years and years. I'm not even sure where the original bag went to - it's probably up in the loft somewhere.

As I still have to make up the bag this is definitely a 'lost leader' in my brain!!!


Maureen said...

Ooooo, I can see a piece of my first Roly Poly bag - top left-hand corner!

Valerie said...

This looks like one of those patchwork blankets I used when I was young. Made by my granny.

Jane, being frugal is a virtue, not being mean.

TattingChic said...

That looks like a lot of work!
I'm with Valerie; that frugality is a virtue, not a malicious character flaw, LOL!

I don't have one of your darling bags yet, but I am eyeing a pink one right now!

Jane, thanks so much for your comment! YES! You can link back to my blog ANYTIME your lil' heart desires! You don't need to ask, deary! :)

Tatskool said...

That's seriously gorgeous.
Frugality will never leave us, we were born into it.

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