8 November 2008

Thermidor anybody?

Another animal for the jacket. A lobster this time. I'm finding this a good way to check out my older patterns for little typos and for some improvements too. In fact I've added another way to make the lobster's feelers to the page.

I also want to show you this link. This is the way I feel that we should all treat each other in tat land. Wally sent me this link which was very kind of her.

I sit here in my little corner of tat land and make up new designs. Why do I do it? Not sure but it's mainly to amuse myself and I still find it a challenge - even after all these years.

What I love dearly about Wally and people like her is that she's taken the time to not only tat the pattern (which was originally for a flower fairy) but has changed the character of it to suit her ideas. BUT having done all that she has respected me according to my Creative Commons License - as the original designer. That makes me happy. It flatters me and (just as importantly) allows the craft to progress.

7 November 2008

A present

I simply MUST show you part of what came to me in the post two days ago. These fat quarters were part of a birthday present from Bev.
I'm showing you three of the pieces which were in the packet.

I love the delicate blue one with music on it. I don't actually like music myself but do appreciate that most people do!!! I'm a strange type of person!! This fabric piece is just so delicate. I will be making roly poly sets with these after Christmas but am happy to take orders beforehand if people particularly want them made from any of these three designs. The reason for not making the bags is because I have lots for sale in Etsy anyway and also (and the REAL reason) is because I'm too mean to heat the room (the conservatory) where I sew!!!

6 November 2008

Ta de dah!!!

I am pleased to announce the 'almost finished' jacket.

Hmmm, well, hmmmm. When I say almost finished it just needs the pockets sewn on. I've deliberately not done that as I want to add a critter to each of them first - you can see them roughly pinned into position, though. The pattern doesn't have pockets but I love pockets on and in my clothes.

I used the buttonhole attachment on the machine for the first time yesterday and it was BRILLIANT. I've never liked doing buttonholes before but now I'm addicted. Please send all your buttonhole requirements to me (with matching thread and button) and I'll do them for you!!!

Tatting? A few more hearts and then back to the animals!!!

5 November 2008

A break from tatting animals!

Do you remember me telling you about my last visit to blood donor? Well, if you've forgotten or if you weren't watching I'll tell you briefly.

It was my 70th donation (which I'm very proud about) and I really, really want to make the 75th when I'll retire. Anyway I normally take along my tattting bag (now, of course it's a roly poly one!!) and sit and make butterflies while waiting my turn. The nurses sometimes come over to see what I'm up to and I give them one of the critters. The last time I was there I didn't have time to get my tatting out before I was called. I did the 'finger test' and again didn't wait long until I was called to give. As I lay there I had an odd feeling that I was being watched. Couldn't quite put my finger on it but it was 'odd'.

After I'd finished I went over for a cuppa tea and a biscuit and that feeling went. BUT when I got up to leave the church hall where all this happens, four nurses bore down on my from several directions!!! 'Are you the butterfly lady', one asked. Boy, was I relieved!!!! I got the butterflies out and handed them out!!

So I've decided that as they all seem to like the critters then I'd give them the 'hearts for Christmas' as the blood donor service has a heart for it's logo - see my tatted ones below. My next appointment is at the end of the month so I've got plenty of time to make them!!

4 November 2008

A large, fat seahorse!

Now it's time for the first seahorse!!! I remember the whys and wherefores of this design which in itself is a miracle!!

It must have been about ten years ago (if not more!) when I was working for a software company as a temp. Actually I worked there for three years on a week by week basis.

Anyway, there were three young lads and two older 'bosses' who were the mainstay of the company. At one point they had a lot of work on so employed a subby (sub contractor) to install software and hardware. He came into my little office one morning and we were talking about building web sites as the young lads 'upstairs' had been telling me that I ought to do one (they did give me an idea of what the files should look like on the web site etc). I said to Neil that I was stuck for an idea for a new pattern and he suggested a seahorse. I will be forever grateful to this guy - wonder what happened to him - hope he's happy and got a permanent job now.

I also recall that my first attempts at publishing a web site were a bit 'ad hoc'!!! I actually 'met' Mark Myers at this time as he wrote to me and so sweetly told me what I was doing wrong. What a kind soul.

3 November 2008

Yet another!

Am I boring you yet? The jacket itself is well on the way to completion although with a busy week ahead there's no guarantee that's going to happen in the near future.
I don't think I've got any words of wisdom today. Who was that I heard saying 'that'll be the day when you have'?
There seems to be some problem with my 'feed' and this blog. Goodness knows what's caused that or how and IF I can fix it - but I will reassure anybody who's interested that I'm here and still talking about my life spent tying knots!!!
Here's today's critter!!!!

2 November 2008

Number 4 - tatted gooooooose

I was pleasantly surprised when I tatted this goose again. The last time would've been in 2003 when I first made up the pattern. It's actually quite easy to follow so I finished it quickly.

Down by the river there are many, many Canada geese (any Canadians reading this - please will you come and collect them?) and quite a few of the ornery geese. They are all rude and abusive and not like our gentle swans. I'm rambling again, sorrrryyyyy.

Anyway, here's the goose!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.