6 November 2008

Ta de dah!!!

I am pleased to announce the 'almost finished' jacket.

Hmmm, well, hmmmm. When I say almost finished it just needs the pockets sewn on. I've deliberately not done that as I want to add a critter to each of them first - you can see them roughly pinned into position, though. The pattern doesn't have pockets but I love pockets on and in my clothes.

I used the buttonhole attachment on the machine for the first time yesterday and it was BRILLIANT. I've never liked doing buttonholes before but now I'm addicted. Please send all your buttonhole requirements to me (with matching thread and button) and I'll do them for you!!!

Tatting? A few more hearts and then back to the animals!!!


JaneB said...

I love the colour, it looks like Taupe which is my favourite. It will be lovely to see it in all its glory when it is finished. I have always liked pockets too, and always try to add pockets to anything I make. I do mainly machine embroidery on my machine these days, perhaps it is time I dug out a pattern and had another go. Thanks for inspiring me.

Carol Lawecki said...

It is going to be a fabulous jacket Jane. I like the pockets on it too! Can't wait to see the finished jacket and hear about the reactions to your jacket when you are out and about. Have a great day!

Tattycat said...

I got in! Yea! The jacket is going to be wonderful! I can't wait to see it. All the animals and the little hearts are great.

Gina said...

I love a good automatic buttonhole. My current machine has only the zigzag stitch and I can make a buttonhole but it's not quite as easy or mindless as the one before. I also miss the hemming stitch of my old machine - but I rarely make clothes these says so it seemed a waste.

I also have to have pockets on everything!

SY said...

Very nice jacket Jane, can't wait to see you model it for us!!

Anonymous said...

And here is a fish swimming against the tide. No pockets, nor excess of buttons. But I do like your jacket's pattern. My favorite was an indigo blue, small rib corduroy; and it did have pockets! I was 14 and I loved that jacket.
If I were a seamstress, I'd make a really cool vest to decorate with tatting or a long-sleeve jacket/blouse that I could decorate. Jackets & coats are too heavy for me (I'm always too warm)
I do envy your skills. In a nice way.
XX Bev aka ridgetatter

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