3 July 2010

Then there were five!!

This was a hard day - I did have to decide which was going to be the central motif and I went for the blue!!!  

2 July 2010

Now we have four!!!!

Next time I returned to this project I added a further motif.  

I'd still not decided how big this project was going to be OR which would be the central motif!!!  All those decisions are wearing on an old brain.

1 July 2010

Three little pigs!!!

No, not pigs but three of the motifs together.

This was the day I really, really did wonder if it would work!!!  Two's OK but three could've been a problem.

The negative space looks good too.  I think I can carry on to make a small mat of some sort.  Originally and secretly I plan to make something bigger but .....................

30 June 2010

They're driving me MAD!!

A small break in the saga of the motif!!!!  

The title for this post is referring to the dangles driving me mad - BUT one could ask whether I wasn't already mad anyway!!!!

I'm going to make more of these in the future.  

29 June 2010


So, after seeing yesterday's attempt I had to find out if this motif would join to another!!!  

The easiest way to do that was to make another and then put them together.  Now anybody who lives in tat land will know that this isn't 'fool proof' as tatting does change when you get to work another round or start to put things together!!!

This is what it looked like - promising!!!

28 June 2010

The starting point!

I think it was about two/three months ago I started on this design.

It's actually worked in one 'hit' but you do have to swop out the one shuttle and replace with another.  

Originally I designed it to act as a 'showplace' for all the lovely, lovely HDT and Lizbeth threads I've been given.  This doesn't really do it justice with these colours.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.