1 July 2010

Three little pigs!!!

No, not pigs but three of the motifs together.

This was the day I really, really did wonder if it would work!!!  Two's OK but three could've been a problem.

The negative space looks good too.  I think I can carry on to make a small mat of some sort.  Originally and secretly I plan to make something bigger but .....................


Miranda said...

They do work well together. Outlining them in black was a good idea too. Otherwise, all the different variegated threads would look like too much of a mish-mash.

Marty said...

Oh, lovely! The stained glass effect is enhanced by additional motifs -- it's striking!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Looking good!

Shirl said...

I really like the contrast of colors. Plus I love the color black. :)

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

I love it!!! The black pops all the colors so nicely that it reminds me of stain glass window. Can't wait to see more!

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Happy Beaks
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