17 July 2020

Blanket progress

This is my third blanket and I'm making slow progress due to the distraction of the tatting I've been working on!!!  

Not probably the BEST idea to be working on in hot weather but then I've always been a bit daft!!!!

16 July 2020

Off on another adventure!

This time I've found a couple of round doilies that I like in the Dutch books.
I've started as you'll see in the bottom picture.  I'm just LOVING these  spiral chains now I've learned how to do them the 'Dutch way'.

I am looking for a test tatter for this one so is there anybody 'out there' who's able and willing to take on the task?  It's an interesting one this time as it can be worked with only one place where you need to be aware of front/back side tatting.  That's if you want to use that anyway!!!  Very straightforward but you still need to be 'eagle eyed' as it comes from the brain cells of BC3!!!!

15 July 2020

De Drie Nonnen (oval doilies)

Finally and finally got the page finished.  Why does it take so LONG?!?!?

You will see that I've named them.  I read Maureen's comments and while I was considering those I suddenly had a lightening visit from BC3.  YES he's still around but not as active as he has been in the past!!!  They are now called De Drie Nonnen which means The Three Nuns.

14 July 2020

Test tatted oval doilies

I'm eternally grateful to my two lovely test tatters who took on the task of doing the oval doilies for me.
Martha did them and so did another lass who showed me these two she'd done.  They've all done such neat work.

This is the colour information on the two variegated doilies.  They're both made with  Lizbeth Size 20. The Version 1 is in color 157. The Version 3 is in color 163. 

I will get the pattern up and running for tomorrow - PROMISE.

13 July 2020

Moaning Monday

This time I'm going to tell you a TRUE story!

I was browsing through Etsy just before last weekend and found that a seller was making and selling items made from one of my little patterns.  I wrote and asked her to kindly remove it from her shop as I had a Creative Commons License on my work.  

Well the lady did apologise and take the items down but the conversation then got a bit more 'difficult' when she designed an item which looked EXACTLY like mine (just a picot where there was once a small chain) and using the same stitch count, beads  and another design element in 'hers'.  I pointed out that this was indeed not acceptable as copyright/intellectual property doesn't allow this type of 'alteration' to be called a 'new design'.

To my astonishment the Creative Commons Licence people were then brought into the discussion by the seller about my license.  I'm pleased to say that they came down on my side having checked how long the licence has been in operation by using the wayback machine.  

Much to my amusement this shop owner has now got an identical looking item back in her shop but this time it's done in crochet.  It's not got 'quite' the appeal of the tatted one.  

Hopefully I've probably (inadvertently) helped this lady on the road to becoming a crochet designer.  I just hope she doesn't decide to tread on my toes again!!!!  Seller BEWARE!!!

Nothing to do with the above but I can't put a post out without a picture!!  An old school photo when I was about seven!!!  Still look scruffy to this day!!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.