15 June 2013

A wonderful dragon.

I was honoured to be asked to test tat this pattern by Martha Ess.  
When I test tat I really, really concentrate on the pattern so that I can give it the best feedback I can.
Well, I found two VERY, VERY, VERY tiny typos which just proves to me what a fantastic designer Martha is.  This is an easy pattern but it also keeps the tatter interested the whole way through.  No cuts and ties except for the wing or changing colours which makes it even more fun (the changing colours, I mean)!!!

That reminds me - must do a technique page on a way I've found of adding in new thread or changing colours.  Keep nagging me for that!!!!  It's probably not new but it's one I use now all the time.

I know that Martha blogged her dragon yesterday so I thought I'd show you mine too.  Like so many of the comments on her blog said - I'm dying to see the book finished too!!!!

13 June 2013

Target met!!!

First I must announce another pram which makes 119.  Here it is.  

Well I did it.  I put both hands round my old chicken neck and squeezed hard until I gave in to myself and found the camera etc!!!  

After ALL that I then decided that a scan would be better.  Here's the bracelet AND a matching pair of earrings which are all going into Etsy in a few minutes!!!

12 June 2013

Bracelet pink green

Finished and up and running - the bracelet page.  You can find it here. 

The picture is of one of the bracelets I had in my Etsy shop but I'm delighted to tell you that it's sold and is off to Belgium.  In fact it's probably arrived by now!!!

I've got another one to put in the shop soon.  That's when I find the inclination to go and take photos!!!! 

Perhaps that should be my 'target' for today - force myself to take photos.  I'll make a promise to reinforce that 'target' - I'll show you tomorrow!!!

11 June 2013

Decisions made on the final round

Part way round my final round!!!  These are the colours I decided on.  I just need plenty of long evenings to get round this round - if you follow me.

Oh to change the subject - I was walking through the Sunday market outside the theatre on Sunday (obviously, Jane - wouldn't be any other day) and I spotted the guy who was selling these with his pitch of all sorts of gift things and the 'jigglies'.  I stopped to tell him that I'd blogged them and that one of the comments I'd had was about animal 'jigglies'.  Ah, said Tom (yes, we're now on first name terms) I'll be getting animals in August.  

Bang goes my pocket money again so I'll start saving up now!!!!

10 June 2013

Serious stuff - please read.

Now this is really serious today.  It's about a tatter in Canada.  Sadly, a needle tatter.  

As a lot of you will know I am not a fan of needle tatting.  I'll repeat myself here as I know I've said this before but needle tatting isn't 'real' tatting (IMHO) as it was only invented in the 70's although there is some small evidence of it being around once or twice before that.  I suppose that people realised even back then that it wasn't giving the same results as the shuttle.  Anyway, tat's enough of tat!!!!  Off my soapbox and on with what I really wanted to say but you needed some background first!

Some of you may have realised that I've been a bit sneaky lately.  I've put two lots of shuttles in the Etsy shop without warning y'all (as my friends in SC say), but only because I've had so few of them.  Imagine my surprise when an inveterate needle tatter who hasn't YET dropped the disgusting habit, ordered her second shuttle.  Well, I thought, this is it.  She's finally had an epiphany and has seen sense at last!!!!

So on Saturday I had a message from her.  In fact I'll copy and paste it here:-
"Morning Jane
Just wanted to let you know that the shuttle arrived Friday. I found it in the mail on my way to work!!!
The shuttles are nice and smooth to the touch!!! I thought I would see if I could give it a try........but I am not sure if I am holding it right. Have a look at this picture and let me know!!


Well when I look at emails first I see a very small picture of the attachment - a thumbnail.  I glanced at Kelly's and thought 'how on EARTH is she holding that shuttle'?  Then I opened it up and LOOK at what I found!!!!!

Sadly I fear that dear Kelly hasn't yet taken the plunge - come on, Fringe Tatters, get her over to the shuttle, please!!!  Oh, on second thoughts, I'll not be able to tease the socks off her if you do!!!!!  Perhaps I'll have to come over there one day and really nag her into it.  Meantime could you send the men in white coats round to 'have a word with her' and explain how to hold a shuttle and tell her it's much less stressful on the hands than a needle.

Kelly has a blog here which I'm sure you'll want to see.  

Pretty toes, Kelly.

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Happy Beaks
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