11 June 2013

Decisions made on the final round

Part way round my final round!!!  These are the colours I decided on.  I just need plenty of long evenings to get round this round - if you follow me.

Oh to change the subject - I was walking through the Sunday market outside the theatre on Sunday (obviously, Jane - wouldn't be any other day) and I spotted the guy who was selling these with his pitch of all sorts of gift things and the 'jigglies'.  I stopped to tell him that I'd blogged them and that one of the comments I'd had was about animal 'jigglies'.  Ah, said Tom (yes, we're now on first name terms) I'll be getting animals in August.  

Bang goes my pocket money again so I'll start saving up now!!!!


Jane McLellan said...


Maureen said...


God's Kid said...

That looks awesome!! :)

Ladytats said...

Oh, that looks very nice. I can understand about needing a few hours a few days to do that, it looks large. If you will be so kind to let us know how big it is once it is done, that would be great.

Have a very pleasant day. Hope your gardening got done.

IsDihara said...

Love, love, LOVE this latest edging burst of color!

Unknown said...

The colors are perfect! They really make the Ferris Wheel motifs pop right out at you!

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