12 June 2013

Bracelet pink green

Finished and up and running - the bracelet page.  You can find it here. 

The picture is of one of the bracelets I had in my Etsy shop but I'm delighted to tell you that it's sold and is off to Belgium.  In fact it's probably arrived by now!!!

I've got another one to put in the shop soon.  That's when I find the inclination to go and take photos!!!! 

Perhaps that should be my 'target' for today - force myself to take photos.  I'll make a promise to reinforce that 'target' - I'll show you tomorrow!!!


goudenregen said...

Lovely bracelet.

Frivole said...

Thank you, thank you Jane! I love your new bracelet pattern.... the only thing is, I'm so impatient tatting with beads! But I really want to make one, so I'll have to work on that virtue... :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful bracelet. Instead of taking pictures, have you considered scanning your tatting into your computer? I'm not sure how well it works with beads, but with regular 2 dimensional tatting it works great.

God's Kid said...

Beautiful bracelet!! :)

Michelle said...

It's so pretty! On the list of things to do now!

Suzanne said...

Cool beans! (as my pal, Jen, would say) Thank you for yet another fun and inspiring pattern. Just perfect for summer accessorizing! (beads and summer are inseparable in my mind)

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, folks.
mb duke - I usually scan in preference to photos as I'm too lazy to get the camera out!!! No idea why I thought of the camera that time!!! Actually I'm beginning to wonder if the camera is working properly or it could be the lack of sunshine over here!!! Thanks for taking the trouble to comment - much appreciated.

Corina said...

Pretty bracelet!

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