31 March 2023

Round 3 of Jan’s Doily

Well I’ve managed to tear myself away from the knitting at odd times and had actually finished this before the Gloucester tatting day!!! How’s that?!?!? 

In fact I took the doily with me to work on and when I got home found that I’d done the usual ‘thing’ of ‘talking too much and not concentrating’ so had to pull out a good deal of round 4!!!  

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my BC3 but I never mind taking work out and re-doing it.  I guess it’s because I probably do more of that than getting things right in the first place!!!  I really ought to sit and read things through and understand BEFORE I start.  I do it with almost everything in my life!!!  Don’t ask about cooking!!!!  That’s a hit and miss affair too!!!!

30 March 2023

The green jumper AGAIN!

Well here it is a few days ago. You can see that I’ve now got a front and a back on the jumper. The top picture shows that the front (the top part of the photo) is shorter than the back!!! I think the next stage will be to join the front and back under the arms. Can you see that stitches have been added to the sides of the garment?

29 March 2023

Hallie’s Easter egg

Today I’ve got Hallie’s egg to show you.  It’s not often that people show me what they’ve made with my designs but it’s always VERY reassuring when they do as it shows I’m not really wasting my time and it also reminds me to look at them again to see if they need improving on.  This is what she had to say.

“Good morning, Jane,

I wanted to thank you for the bugle bead Easter Egg pattern (2019), and your technique sheet for simplified split chains. I'd looked at both previously and said, "No way!" 
But I recently sent in my T.A.T. Apprentice work, and felt up to another challenge. And to my delight, the beads weren't nearly as hard to deal with as I'd feared, and the simplified split chain method worked great.
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin
Keeping my fingers crossed that enough aliens show up to encourage you to let us have another TIAS treat next year!”

Yes I hope more aliens arrive too, Hallie!

27 March 2023

Monday - not a moan!

Well I wish I’d managed to take some photos on Saturday when I went to the Gloucester Tatting Day organised by Linda Williams. 

I’m a real dumbie when it comes to going places in the car. I avoid driving as much as I can even though I’m not a bad driver. I just lack confidence but having sat nav does help. Anyway I arrived at Churchdown where the day was being held.

It was a lovely relaxing day and I sat next to Anne who was delightful. I didn’t get the names of everybody there which is typical of me. Even if I’d been told them I doubt they would’ve ‘stuck’ in BC3!!! 

There was a raffle (I won two very old shuttles) and a wonderful display including Janet’s gorgeous Christening gowns. The display gave me lots of inspiration and was good to see. There was going to be a workshop but to be honest I think we were all happy just to talk tatting!!! 

So, as I didn’t take any photos I’ll show you a photo I took last summer sometime!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.