31 March 2023

Round 3 of Jan’s Doily

Well I’ve managed to tear myself away from the knitting at odd times and had actually finished this before the Gloucester tatting day!!! How’s that?!?!? 

In fact I took the doily with me to work on and when I got home found that I’d done the usual ‘thing’ of ‘talking too much and not concentrating’ so had to pull out a good deal of round 4!!!  

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my BC3 but I never mind taking work out and re-doing it.  I guess it’s because I probably do more of that than getting things right in the first place!!!  I really ought to sit and read things through and understand BEFORE I start.  I do it with almost everything in my life!!!  Don’t ask about cooking!!!!  That’s a hit and miss affair too!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Love the colours! Mmm ‘pull out’ belies the effort involved in undoing tatting!

GoldenMom said...

Well....I guess the old cliche about "All's well that ends well." applies here. Your colours are gorgeous. I have learned that I dare not "talk and tat" with any more complex pattern. It never works for me. Ha!

Debra said...

No worries Jane, I do alot of retro tatting even after reading the directions!

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