5 August 2017

Who guessed correctly?

Well it was Batty Tatter!!! 

I was rumbling and mumbling around Debenhams a week or more back (and with a voucher for £11.00 in my handbag) when I spotted this t-shirt. As soon as I saw it I knew I'd got the right thread for it. Seriously. That's exactly what happened. So I tried it on.

It fitted fine but I felt it was a bit low/wide on the neckline so as I knew I'd got some thread of the right size and shade, I bought it. It actually cost me only £5.00.

Of course it took a couple of days to make the edging but I'm really pleased with it. I'm wondering how it'll wash with the tatting 'above' the neckline but I have plans for it if it does 'bend a bit'.

WARNING - there's a photo of the old git ahead so put on your dark glasses!!!!

3 August 2017

A quiz

Just one question but I wonder who knows the answer!!!

What does the picture below remind you of and what happened next. 

Ooooops. That's two questions!!!

And any comments which say anything about me 'losing the plot' will be published in their entirety!   

YES this is tatting related too so I'm not off topic at all!

2 August 2017

The big reveal!!!

Well, sort of a damp squid really!!

Not very well laid out on the scanner but can you see the difference between the two hearts?

The one on the left has 9 beads on each part of the top but the other (which would obviously be the one on the right!!!) has 11. Such a small alteration but what a difference it makes.

I'm currently working on the last 'bits' of the pattern (web page and drawings) so hope to get it up there in cyberspace soon.

1 August 2017

Strawberries and Cream

I'm starting to get ready for the trip in September. I can feel the horror from people when I say that as I know it's a long time to go but I HAVE to start preparations really early for peace of mind. My life seems to get chaotic at times and to avoid being panicky if this happens, I start preparations really early. There is also a lot to prepare too.

When I travel I take something that I can pick up while waiting in airport departure lounges and in other odd moments.  One of my favourite patterns is Rosemarie Peel's Rachel. It's from this book which I blogged about eight (REALLY?) years ago.

This time round I'm using size 40 thread with beads on the chains. I've worked out how much thread I need for one 'Rachel', added the chain thread (with beads on) to an EZ bob and then wound on the shuttle thread to the same EZ bob. I can get two 'Rachels' onto an Ezebob so I'm a happy bunny.

31 July 2017

Where IS my brain?

I know it should be easy to find it as there are only three cells to look after. BC1, BC2 and the ultimate BC3 but they do seem to get me confused at times!!!

Thankfully there are a few people 'out there' in Tat Land who keep my brain in order and tell me (very kindly) when it's gone on a 'holiday'. Last week Carla wrote to tell me that she was confused. When I worked it out it wasn't only Carla that was confused - so was I!!!

I had put two patterns on the web site over the space of a few years and they'd got in a muddle as I must've at one point (probably in 2014) uploaded and 'overwritten' another square pattern. This is the one Carla was looking for (link) and this is the one she got due to BC3 falling down on his 'job'.

You'll be pleased to know that BC3 got a slap on the wrist and had to go and sit in the naughty corner for an hour!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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