27 January 2017

Something I did earlier!

First of all - tomorrow will be day 7 of the Tat It And See. New tatters always welcome to join the fun. Remember - there are no rules!!

This is my first Dora flower pattern. Remember the green one? 

Not sure why I did the green but I think it was cause I enjoyed it so much. I'm going to do this pattern again sometime. Just SO interesting to tat and it fits EXACTLY on the scanner too!!!

24 January 2017

Another group of hexagons!!

Just to let you know first - tomorrow will be day 6. Things may seem a bit 'spaced out' but I find otherwise it's difficult to keep up!!! I also do have to do other things too like eat, breathe and sleep!!! 

I finished another group of 7 hexagons and these will be joined to the other 'set' sometime. I have NO IDEA what I'm making so please don't ask!!!! I make 'things' for the joy of making - not for the finished item!!!

I have a few balls of thread all of this size but the colours do vary slightly but are all within the 'ecru/beige/white range. 

23 January 2017

Crochet hexagons part 2

While the Tat It And See has been happening (and a bit before that) I've been working on these hexagonal shapes. 

There's a story behind the thread that I'm using. 

Many years ago (around 40, I guess) I taught myself the craft of netting/filet. I had bought a lovely leaflet from a local shop which had the most stunning patterns in. The problem was - they were all written in German and I didn't understand them.

There was a lady down our road who I had heard was German but I'd never met her. After months of frustration with the leaflet I took courage in both hands and knocked at her door to ask for help. I stood on her doorstep and explained my problem. I'll never forget that day. She took my arm and pulled me into her house - that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I didn't realise until that day that she too was an avid crafter and an extremely lovely lady. Sadly she died a few years ago but we enjoyed many happy hours together talking and doing crafts of all sorts.  She tried tatting but didn't take to it.  Her craft work was immaculate in everything she tried.

A few years before Irmgard died she had problems with neuropathy and she gave me some of her threads. These are what I'm using for the hexagon adventure.  As the saying goes - 'waste not want not'.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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