29 August 2015

Packing and wondering

As I'm gradually packing things into the suitcase (and carry on) I'm wondering how many of these pests I can take with me. 

Darn things (for those who don't know - they're Canada Geese) are the scourge of the riverside in town. I walk round the recreation ground most days and these pesky things are 'there' and trying to take over from our swans. 

Did you know that a Canada Goose poops 2 lbs a day? Not nice and not healthy either.

Anyway I will be trying to squeeze a few in to return them to the Canadians in a few weeks time -  we don't want them here.

How many do you think I'll manage? 

Kelly - will Dennis and Hannah mind you having a few new 'guests'?  I can re-home them with Ruth if you'd rather!!!!  They're coming, though - whatever you say!!!!

28 August 2015

Another Japanese knot bag

Today I'm showing you another Japanese knot bag. This one is no longer in my possession - it's flown the nest!! 

Sandra (Crazy Mom) gave me the cat fabric and as she has two cats which she is owned by I thought she ought to get a bag!!! Having lost everything in her house fire eighteen months ago I felt she'd need another bag. Also she's teaching at Palmetto next week so it may come in useful to carry her tatting things around in. 

I split the bag with two different fabrics just cause it seemed to be a 'good idea'!!!! I think it looks classy.

27 August 2015

Round 12 completed and more

This is round 12 completed of the Jan doily. I just can't seem to leave the darn thing alone!!! There are many other things I ought to be doing but it just pulls me back each day.

Below the doily is a picture of me (promise - I was sober at the time!) and Sue (Pigmini from Yorkshire) who I met on Tuesday. We've met before and had a good 'tat natter' and this was another occasion for the same thing!!  Poor Chris put up with it well!!!  I think we covered a lot of patterns, threads etc.  Actually didn't really get to talk about much else!!!  Threads, beads, buttons, patterns, hooks, threads, beads, patterns, buttons - well, you get the gist!!!

It was a miserable day (weather wise) so we wandered from coffee shop to library to another coffee place.  That's the way life is in my neck of the woods!!! 

26 August 2015

Two new patterns!

It's happened AGAIN. I'd completely forgotten that I'd done these keys as submissions for last year's Palmetto Tat Days.  When will I remember things?!?!?

I was snurging around on my main computer looking for something or other when I suddenly noticed a key!!!   I had to go and check my web pages to see whether they were 'up there' and lo and behold - they weren't!!!

Well, they are now!!  If you go to the 'Odds and Ends' section you'll find the links there!!! I seem to have a lot of 'odds and ends' lately.

Oh, a thought occurred to me. I suppose you could make a card with an 'key', a 'two' and a 'heart' for a loved one.  Something like a 'key to my (not sure how you'd do 'my') heart'. Next Valentine's day? Anyway, these make lovely pendants too.

25 August 2015

Another seahorse!

Another of the seahorses - just because I like making them!!!! 

Just hoping that the designing 'mojo' will return when I get back from my trip cause if it doesn't then the TIAS won't happen in January!!! 

I have got an idea so don't panic just yet. Just need to sit down and sort it out and retrieve it from BC3 and put it into thread!!!

24 August 2015

Abandonned edging

Not one of my best ideas for colours! This is an edging I started for a handkerchief. A plain white one. 

The thread is from Edda and you can see all about it here.

It's a delight to use and that wasn't why I cut the shuttles off. I just didn't like how it was turning out!!  I think it's a lack of contrast between the plain and the variegated or it could be simply that I didn't really like it for the white hanky.  Just me and my weird way of thinking.

So, I started something else with the same shuttles and I'll show you once it's finished. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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