26 August 2015

Two new patterns!

It's happened AGAIN. I'd completely forgotten that I'd done these keys as submissions for last year's Palmetto Tat Days.  When will I remember things?!?!?

I was snurging around on my main computer looking for something or other when I suddenly noticed a key!!!   I had to go and check my web pages to see whether they were 'up there' and lo and behold - they weren't!!!

Well, they are now!!  If you go to the 'Odds and Ends' section you'll find the links there!!! I seem to have a lot of 'odds and ends' lately.

Oh, a thought occurred to me. I suppose you could make a card with an 'key', a 'two' and a 'heart' for a loved one.  Something like a 'key to my (not sure how you'd do 'my') heart'. Next Valentine's day? Anyway, these make lovely pendants too.


Jane McLellan said...

Love that word snurging! Ah, good idea, I was thinking of keys in terms of 21st birthdays.

muskaan said...

Both keys are beautiful !
And great idea for Valentine's :-) One could tat or bead in one’s initials within the heart for 'key to my heart' ?

Pigmini said...

Lay the key over a heart!!! Vbg

tattrldy said...

I like both of them. Maybe give the key and keep the heart?

God's Kid said...

Wonderful keys!!! :) Love the colors too!! :)

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