15 December 2012

Christmas ribbons

When I was out and about with my daughter and two grandkids about six weeks ago we went to a nearby garden centre.  They had a wonderful display of Christmas 'stuff' and the kids really enjoyed it.

They both spotted some bows which could be hung on a tree and were really taken with them.  I told them that I'd make them some if they really wanted bows.  This is what I made.  Nathan asked for orange and Abbi asked for - well, no guesses there - pink.  She's very, very pink orientated!!!!  In fact my daughter was  concerned that the school uniform has no pink in it so when she started school in September she wore pink knickers!!!!

This pattern isn't on my site yet but you can get it along with some really wonderful patterns from the Palmetto Tatters.  It's on this year's CD which they put together with all the Tat Days patterns.  

14 December 2012

Blue box

OK, so here's another box!!!  This is done in Lizbeth and this one is called 'Summer Fun'.  Sally and I saw this colourway when we were in the USA in September and both fell in love with it.  I've used that on the rings and a plain Lizbeth on the chains.  Can you tell that I'm enjoying my wonderful stash of threads?  This is an easy tat but you have to keep an eye on where the beads are on the tops of the buttons - after all you don't want them on the inside of the box, do you?

Ah, I bet you want the pattern, now!!!  Well, here it is in all it's 'buttonry'!!!!

13 December 2012

My sister is a pain!!!

No, not really.  Actually I don't know how she puts up with me so every so often when she asks for something I jump to and try to do it.
Having seen the box on a doodad Sally said that she hadn't got many doodads and would it be possible for me to do one on a button!!!!  Well there's a challenge I couldn't resist!!  Guess what?  The doodad pattern works for a half inch (or thereabouts) button too.  Yippeeeee.  Not a lot of work needed doing on this which was great.  Well, that's what I thought but using a button with beads on one side of it proved difficult to explain in the pattern.  Only so that you get the beads showing on the outside and not the inside!!! Still it kept me out of mischief for a few days!!

I'll get the pattern finished off today and then let y'all (going all southern here again!) have it tomorrow.  

12 December 2012

Another bookmark made

Now this was an order or rather something a neighbour asked for.  A bookmark.  They wanted another Fandango one but I think that it works up a tad too large in number 20 and I don't have much number 30 or 40 and certainly not in the colours required!!!

When they said they wanted it in black and white I thought 'how boring' but actually it was lovely to work.  I used a thread called Finca Bollilos which I bought off Pat at Roseground Supplies back in the dark ages.  Love this thread as it works up so easily and has a lovely finish.

I've only got black, white and (I think!) a sort of pale green colour but that's fine with me as it lasts forever.  Well, forever and a day.  

You'll notice that I allowed myself to 'play' with the tail and used SSSR's carrying the sedentary colour through the one I was working.

11 December 2012

A 'keep it tidy' tip

Do you have the same problem as I do?  Balls of thread that somehow come unwound in the box they're kept in?  See the top picture for the example!  I've found something which may help you as well as myself!!!!  I'm sure lots of you must know this already but it's taken me a mere 55 ish years to find the solution - well, an easy one that I now use.

First you'll need a dental floss threader like the blue one in the picture below.  The coilless safety pin is there ready to hook it back on to when I've finished as they tend to get lost.  I was given these in America but have found that you can get them online here in the UK too.  I'll check locally to see if the chemists and supermarkets sell them too but that will be later today.

So, following the direction that the thread is wound in (in this case from left to right in the picture), poke your floss threader through in the same direction and a little way down the ball.  See the picture below.  It's really easy to do as long as you don't try and go too deep into the ball.

Take the end of your thread and push it through the floss threader 'loop'.

Pull your end through and it will stay where it is until you want to use that ball of thread again!

Don't forget to add the floss threader back on the safety pin - just in case!!!

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