8 August 2015

Round 10 of Jan's doily.

First of all - there's just one shuttle left in the shop.  Well, there was when I last looked!!!

I'm so glad I marked the joins when doing the last round!!!!  Made this one so much easier.

This is round ten finished. Again I'm behind with blogging progress as so many other things are in the queue to be blogged!!! 

I'm also working on other odds and ends including two designs which have been started - and abandoned!!!! When I 'pop my clogs' (die) then I hope somebody will go through the pattern section on my computer and retrieve all those half done or even fully finished designs and retrieve them!!! 

I tend to do them then forget because once done they're not important!!! I know there's a necklace there somewhere which is very beaded but none of the beads are on the shuttle or chain threads. I'm pretty sure it's finished too as I made one for myself. BUT because I don't wear necklaces very often I forget it's 'there'.  Oh, there's a bracelet there too - maybe I'll get it uploaded next week.

So, please, when I do die then send somebody to snoop around and find these things. Meantime I'll be shoved in a box, taken to the crematorium and burnt into smithereens (or even ashes!) to be chucked somewhere by somebody.

7 August 2015

Second scrap bag

Here's the other scrap bag!!! Not sure which is my favourite so they'll both have to go in the end!!!!

6 August 2015

More shuttles

So here are two more of the shuttles I won on Fleabay (also known as Ebay to those of a saner disposition)!

Yes there were two in the collection. TWO of my favourite of all time shuttles. If you look at the top picture that was on Fleabay (here) - you'll see one at the top under the purple thread and one at the bottom. 

I'm sure I've told you before that I was first introduced to Milward shuttles at the tender age of 13 by my gran. As far as I can remember they were the only shuttle we could get hold of in the local shops. 

Then a few years later I came across the dear old Aero (made by the same company) which I didn't like at first. It wasn't until some time after that that I decided it would be much faster to wind and easier on the sofa (kept having to take it apart to find the wretched Milward hook).  I also thought it would be faster to use as the hook couldn't get lost. 

So, a few days of severe 'brain training' (I used to have many more than just BC3 in those days), I taught myself the knack of using this shuttle. Did you know that the life of a real Aero can be in excess of 50 years? Well, I'm not sure that's a fact but I'm sure I'm still using some of the original ones!

4 August 2015

First scrap bag

I finally got round to finishing off my 'scrap bags' which I started back in May or June!!!! Here's the link to their 'birth'!!!

Now I really was making these for myself but unfortunately (or fortunately!!!) I don't need them!!! Why, you may ask? Or probably you won't!!!!! Well, the last one I made for myself is still absolutely fine and won't need replacing for simply AGES!!! I made six of them in 2012 and the one I use every day is still fine. I throw it in the washing machine from time to time and is comes out looking as good as new!!! Here's the batch I made 'back then'.

Now I'm seriously wondering what to do with this bag. Do I sell it or do I give it to somebody? Decisions, decisions!!

3 August 2015

Round 9 start

First of all - there are still some Pop A Bobbin Shuttles left in my Etsy shop.  I didn't really advertise them a lot so maybe some of you may have missed them!!!

So, here is the start of round 9 although I'm further on than this now!!!!. 

As you can see I'm marking with a thread where the joins are needed on the next round. Poor Diane got into a load of trouble with her doily when she made mistakes on the previous round or this one so I decided to mark the joins as I went. Also it helps as I'm placing beads on some and not on others too!!!

Should zip through this round and am looking forward to round 10 next!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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