6 August 2015

More shuttles

So here are two more of the shuttles I won on Fleabay (also known as Ebay to those of a saner disposition)!

Yes there were two in the collection. TWO of my favourite of all time shuttles. If you look at the top picture that was on Fleabay (here) - you'll see one at the top under the purple thread and one at the bottom. 

I'm sure I've told you before that I was first introduced to Milward shuttles at the tender age of 13 by my gran. As far as I can remember they were the only shuttle we could get hold of in the local shops. 

Then a few years later I came across the dear old Aero (made by the same company) which I didn't like at first. It wasn't until some time after that that I decided it would be much faster to wind and easier on the sofa (kept having to take it apart to find the wretched Milward hook).  I also thought it would be faster to use as the hook couldn't get lost. 

So, a few days of severe 'brain training' (I used to have many more than just BC3 in those days), I taught myself the knack of using this shuttle. Did you know that the life of a real Aero can be in excess of 50 years? Well, I'm not sure that's a fact but I'm sure I'm still using some of the original ones!


Jane McLellan said...

Mine are made in Germany, but they're my favourites too.

Adrian said...

My first shuttle was a Millward too, then I bought a couple of Aeros. Both of them broke after about 10 years, when I was popping the bobbin in or out of them. So maybe they came from a bad batch.

Millwards always seem to be referred to as "vintage" on Ebay, which makes me feel really old.

Jane Eborall said...

Well when I think it was almost sixty years since I started using a Milward then I think they are vintage - along with me!!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I am lucky enough to have one of each in my collection. I don't use them for fear of breakage, but I do love to look at them!

Bernice said...

Lucky find, I have an Aero my mother used, along with two bobbins. They are over 40 years, perhaps more. I still use it occasionally.

Karin Furtkamp said...

They are my favourite too

Adrian said...

But I only bought them 36 years ago! :)

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