8 August 2015

Round 10 of Jan's doily.

First of all - there's just one shuttle left in the shop.  Well, there was when I last looked!!!

I'm so glad I marked the joins when doing the last round!!!!  Made this one so much easier.

This is round ten finished. Again I'm behind with blogging progress as so many other things are in the queue to be blogged!!! 

I'm also working on other odds and ends including two designs which have been started - and abandoned!!!! When I 'pop my clogs' (die) then I hope somebody will go through the pattern section on my computer and retrieve all those half done or even fully finished designs and retrieve them!!! 

I tend to do them then forget because once done they're not important!!! I know there's a necklace there somewhere which is very beaded but none of the beads are on the shuttle or chain threads. I'm pretty sure it's finished too as I made one for myself. BUT because I don't wear necklaces very often I forget it's 'there'.  Oh, there's a bracelet there too - maybe I'll get it uploaded next week.

So, please, when I do die then send somebody to snoop around and find these things. Meantime I'll be shoved in a box, taken to the crematorium and burnt into smithereens (or even ashes!) to be chucked somewhere by somebody.


Maureen said...

Your doily is beautiful, the beads are very eye-catching, but I suppose you can't see them so clearly in the flesh - understated, as they should be.
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust and oh dear, I can't remember the last two lines of that doggerel! - but cheer up!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love your touch of beads! I'm also very grateful that you and Carollyn suggested marking the joins with thread. It does make following the pattern so much easier!

muskaan said...

This is actually the first time I got to see what the doily looks like with Rnd 10 ! Most tatters have combined the 2 rounds.

This is an atypical post -- the weather seems to be getting your spirits in a tizzy :-) May the real Jane step forward please. And you Do know that you are always present in our tatting, thru your tuts & patterns .

Pigmini said...

I'll come and snoop Miss!! Promise!!! Ain't goin' to be fer years yet tho!! As for the necklace and bracelets.... GET 'EM SHARED!!! Anything to KEEP YOU AWAY FROM that Doiley!!! VBG

Madtatter80 said...

Love your colors even though I have said it before and the beads are something I didn't see :) nice close up I have missed them and don't remember reading that you added them!

God's Kid said...

Your doily is wonderful!!! :)

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