10 August 2018

A gift

Now I belong to several drop in craft groups where everybody exchanges ideas and help with all sorts of projects. I go to one of the groups on a Thursday afternoon and last week I went after a two week absence.

Ali, the person who's 'in charge' asked me if I used earring findings. Well of course I do as I always go out with a pair of earrings on. I'd feel naked without!! I never wear makeup (or muckup as I like to think of it) but always wear things hanging from my ears!!! 

She'd been given these and asked me if I could use them. What a lovely question to ask and of course they came home with me!!!

I feel another earring session (perhaps some more seahorses - see yesterday's post) coming on but I will HAVE to make myself throw away some of the older ones!

9 August 2018

Seahorse earrings

I had an accident last Sunday evening. A BIG accident too. I knocked over the stand that my earrings hang on. There's a picture below of the rescued and restored stand.

The result of this was that they all fell behind and below a VERY large heavy oak table. I scrambled around underneath and behind and rescued them all except one of a pair which was my very favourite design.  So on Monday morning  and armed with a torch I managed to find and restore the favourite earring. 

Whilst doing that I decided to 'get rid of' my unfavourite ones so the yellow/orange seahorses below HAD to go. I just didn't like their colour or much about them, really. 

I decided a re-think needed to happen. First of all I wasn't happy with the tail. The whole seahorse didn't really 'dangle' well so a bit more weight needed to be added to the tail. More beads, I thought!  Then there were a few more 'tweaks' required too.  Finally I came up with the ones you see at the bottom of this post.  I now have to re-draw, and play with the layout before replacing the link on the pattern site.  I'll be back when I've done that and after I've made another pair or two or three or four etc!!

8 August 2018

Playing around

Before I start the daily (well five days a week) ramblings of an OG (old git - me) I must say a HUGE thank you to those who commented either on my blog post t'other day or on Facebook.  You've restored my faith in blogging as I was sort of beginning to flag.  

Little did I know when I scheduled the post that the same day I'd be offered a flight in a microlight which is why I was a bit late responding to comments and didn't get to say this on yesterday's post!!!  I'm not sure my feet are on the ground, yet!!!  

Well hopefully down to earth and down to 'business'!!!

I've been playing around!!! 

I made a bookmark using this bookmark (or bracelet!) pattern a week or two ago and after I'd done it I had a 'what's if' moment!!!

'What if' I did just six SCMR's and could I turn it into a snowflake? Well it took a bit of working out as the stitch count had to be 'jiggled' to make it lie well but this is the prototype. All done in one round too so no ends to hide until you get to the end. 

I must admit that's always an aim in my designs - to make something that avoids sewing in ends. Trouble is it does sometimes restrict the way BC3 works but he usually gets round the problem!!!!

I need to make at least one more 'decent' one to check everything over and then I'll draw it up and eventually (well, you know me!) I'll get it onto my pattern site!!!

7 August 2018

Coasters or small doilies?

I'm not quite sure what to call these!!! I know I've made lots of them and have now packaged them ready for the October craft fair that I'm taking part in.

The pattern is in Rosemarie Peel's book and I've shown these many times before!!! Here's a link to more information on where to find the pattern.

I met the other 'crafters' on Sunday as we had a planning meeting.  They're all really lovely people so I'm sure we'll all have fun even if we don't sell a lot of things!

6 August 2018

The third top and some questions

Interesting thoughts have occurred to me. Yes, BC3 and I do think from time to time!!!

On Friday I spoke about the Christmas tree earrings that I finally decided to put on my pattern site. Now I don't want or desire fame or glory as you know but it did make me wonder how many people read my blog posts nowadays as there were very few (4 only) comments on that post. So I decided to look back through the past weeks and I think the comments are falling off. 

Now I'll be honest as that doesn't particularly bother me because the reason for the blog is about me keeping track of me and what I'm doing.  I'm wondering if blogs are dying a death or if people just aren't interested in mine? OR could it be to do with the settings I've got on the comments section? OR to do with Facebook taking over?  I'd love to know.  Comments welcome and particularly if you're finding me boring.  I'd understand and then be able to do something about it whatever the cause is - I hope.

Below is the final top I've made. If you look closely you'll see that the print is scissors!!! I also used another neckline on this one as well. Just right for the hot weather we've been having.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.