8 August 2018

Playing around

Before I start the daily (well five days a week) ramblings of an OG (old git - me) I must say a HUGE thank you to those who commented either on my blog post t'other day or on Facebook.  You've restored my faith in blogging as I was sort of beginning to flag.  

Little did I know when I scheduled the post that the same day I'd be offered a flight in a microlight which is why I was a bit late responding to comments and didn't get to say this on yesterday's post!!!  I'm not sure my feet are on the ground, yet!!!  

Well hopefully down to earth and down to 'business'!!!

I've been playing around!!! 

I made a bookmark using this bookmark (or bracelet!) pattern a week or two ago and after I'd done it I had a 'what's if' moment!!!

'What if' I did just six SCMR's and could I turn it into a snowflake? Well it took a bit of working out as the stitch count had to be 'jiggled' to make it lie well but this is the prototype. All done in one round too so no ends to hide until you get to the end. 

I must admit that's always an aim in my designs - to make something that avoids sewing in ends. Trouble is it does sometimes restrict the way BC3 works but he usually gets round the problem!!!!

I need to make at least one more 'decent' one to check everything over and then I'll draw it up and eventually (well, you know me!) I'll get it onto my pattern site!!!


Maureen said...

I really like this Snowflake! You must have a mathematical brain, to be able to see all these possibilities and computations with your patterns.

Jane McLellan said...

Microlight? That sounds fun! I like this, thanks to BC 3.

Lorena Finnerty said...

Beautiful!!! Looking forward to the pattern and THANK YOU!!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Maureen, the last thing I've got is a mathematical brain!!!! I'm a dunce!!!
The microlight was HUGE fun, Jane.
Ah, the pattern, Lorena. I'll get round to it eventually!! Text is done but drawings need doing and then the putting it all together with links which I always put off til I'm in the right 'mood'!!!

Michelle said...

I really like this one! Lovely!

Michelle said...

I love this one!

bhappetat said...

Your talent amazes me. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns.

Unknown said...

Jane, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE reading your blog (even though I almost never post comments)! I get so many good ideas for you acting projects. So, please keep writing!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, that's lovely!

God's Kid said...

Looks like a fabulous snowflake!!!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

My mind is boggled! First of all, you figured out how to add spokes to the bracelet core, and to do it in one pass. Amazing!

And second - I'm not sure your readers fully understand what a microlight is! Are you kidding me? You went up in one of those? I looked up a Youtube showing a flight over Stratford on Avon, and I got nervous just viewing it (plus it seemed 'bumpy')! Yes the view is spectacular, but I probably would have had my eyes shut the whole time! Well, let's face it - I wouldn't have gotten in it to begin with! Good for you to be so fearless!

On another note, I'm confused why some have trouble commenting in your blog. At one time I could only add a comment using Chrome; but now it's okay in IE and Edge. I also seem to be able to bypass the 'robot' thing.

Ladytats said...

Oh! Goody! a new snowflake from Jane!. Just what I was looking for. Thanks, will be looking for the pattern. I need to make a few for the first weekend of Sept big 4 day Tatting demonstration at the Western Minnesota steam threshers Reunion.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh Kathy I’m always up for an adventure and the microlight flight was truly amazing. All you have to remember is that the pilot doesn’t want to die so you get into the plane and enjoy every minute.

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