9 January 2016

Day 2

We have just over 50 people now taking part in this year's Tat It And See. Of course there's always time to start so if you haven't then just follow the links at the top, left of this page or the TIAS blog.

8 January 2016

Patchwork finished.

Tomorrow will be Day 2 of the Tat It And See.  Links will be on this blog (top left of the day's post) and on the TIAS blog too.

Why oh why do I yearn to finish things and then (a) forget I've done them (b) immediately want to start a new and similar project?

I finished this project over the weekend and promptly forgot to tell you!!!

The top photo shows the finished piece before I put the border on. Then below is the totally finished cloth. The backing is the same fabric as the outer rose diamonds. It's now on Nick's table and he's dead chuffed with it. 

Now I've got to decide whether to start another patchwork or not. I fancy making some placemats using just the hexagons and the same sized ones as this cloth. It'll give plenty of scope to play with each mat as the pieces will be relatively small - unlike those in the large throw. Which reminds me - wonder where I put that too?

6 January 2016

We're OFF

Day 1 of the Tat It And See 2016 is now available on this link.

Any comments or photos you want to send in then please send them to this email address - love to tat @gmail.com (take out the spaces)!!!

All links will be available at the top left of this page and on the Tat It And See blog which is here.

5 January 2016

Bauble earrings

Sometimes I just HAVE to play and this is one of the ideas that stemmed from the bell the other day. I've jotted down very rough notes on this but need to get them properly written up - mainly so I can understand them!!!

From tomorrow onwards this blog may become a little quieter. I hope to be busy with the Tat It And See (TIAS) so won't have a lot of time to tat!!! It'll give the old hands (and BC3!) a rest though.

4 January 2016

Count down.

It's Monday - the first IN January.  Um, I suppose you all know that already. 

BUT did you all know that the Tat It And See starts on Wednesday 6th?  That's two days away?  If not then you've not been reading my blog lately!!!  If you haven't then you'd better go and stand in the naughty corner or sit on the naughty step!!!

For those one (or maybe two) people on planet earth who haven't heard - here are the links.

So, if you want to join the fun and mayhem then please do. No sign up, no rules, just tatting fun with a bit more knowledge to add to your repertoire!!! I hope!!!

Ah, also it would be lovely to meet new tatters to the game. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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