6 January 2016

We're OFF

Day 1 of the Tat It And See 2016 is now available on this link.

Any comments or photos you want to send in then please send them to this email address - love to tat @gmail.com (take out the spaces)!!!

All links will be available at the top left of this page and on the Tat It And See blog which is here.


Maureen said...

It's been such a stinking hot day here that we have only just come home from dipping our toes in the nearest little bit of sea! - and eating icecream. After a cooling G & T or two, I will be cool enough to think about tatting!

Jane Eborall said...

I could do without comments like this, Maureen!! Horrid, gloomy, winter's day here!!! I'll be waiting for you and look forward to seeing your day 1. Wonder if Isa will be playing this year?

muskaan said...

I have to give this TIAS a miss , but will be following everyone's exciting progress & wild 'n' wacky guesses .

And with simultaneous translations in French and Dutch, I'm sure you will easily be able to touch 200+ ( officially ).
Have fun :-)

atceline said...

Passionate about tatting and waiting to see and share ideas too
All the best
Excited to meet new tatters

atceline said...

Excited to meet up with new tatters and share ideas
All the best for 2016

Sharon said...

So excited to have unpacked my shuttles after moving. And even more excited to see if I can still use them! Bring it on, Jane!

Pigmini said...

Wild and wacky guesses??? I've already said.... Its an elephants foot umbrella stand!!! Rotflmao!!!

muskaan said...

Shhhhh "rabbits" have loooooong ears ;-P

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Happy Beaks
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