31 May 2006

Yet more playing with owls!

Last attempt for yesterday evening. This one has no tufts. Owls don't have ears but I think they look better with a tuft. Resolved the problem with the second wing but still not happy with the top of the head or the wings.
Next attempt sees a much better owl. Now worried about the second wing. This will need a drop picot in it. Yikes - this one's called Nelson. The bead in the right eye has gone and got itself 'twisted'.
Another evening on the owl and this is the progression! As this first one progressed I realised that I needed a very long picot on the second chain. Duh!!! Still, I think the wing looks a bit better. A cross eyed owl!!!

30 May 2006

29 May 2006

Final wings!

Last time.

More wings!

Rain stopped gardening AGAIN. Here are my final (I think) wings on the pig.

28 May 2006

Another flying pig!!

Sue suggested that those other wings weren't quite right so here's a third attempt. Second attempt - in the trash!!!

An alternative pig!

Thanks, Gina!!! Now I see flying pigs everywhere!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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