14 May 2016

More experiments!

Time for more experiments. I wanted to see how this idea would work if I put 'spokes' into the corners as well as the sides. Again a little bit of 'tweaking' is needed. In picture one I've added them so that they join to the sides and corners, picture two to 'just' the corners and picture three to the sides only.

I've also changed centre drastically too. I've a feeling this may just work out well in the end.

13 May 2016

Another day - another round!

Well I'll be honest - this took me two days to do!!! It's going well although there's quite a bit of re-writing and drawing but that's good - keeps me busy.

I'm enjoying avoiding the variegated threads and am using the same colour on both shuttles too. 'They' say a change is as good as a rest and that's proving to be the case with the doily obsession!!!

12 May 2016

Another diversion!

Diverted again!!! This time by comments left on this blog.

I just love making the Fandango doilies and have another on the go at the moment. As I've said before - they're useful to have to work on while I'm at craft groups nattering!!!!

This time I was asked if I could do a square Fandango doily. Well I'd forgotten that I'd already done one here. Having looked at it again I realised that this isn't what the person who suggested it really wanted but I thought I could use the centre part. So, here it is - the new 'not so new' centre. The next round will NOT be like the other one so it'll all need re-writing and drawings copied and altered accordingly. 

That should keep me out of mischief for a few days!!!

10 May 2016


This may not look a lot different to yesterday's post except that I've been experimenting with stitch counts. Bain of my life is 'how many' or how few doubles do I need!!! 

Maybe it will look better in a different thread?  Ah, I know what's wrong - it's still the centre. 

Back to the shuttles - I feel another idea coming over me!!!

9 May 2016

No, no, no - this WON'T do.

Well it was meant to be a hexagon motif. I WANTED A HEXAGON. Simple you may think. Why didn't it work out? Lack of BC3 in the right frame of mind at the time and it all went wrong, wrong, wrong.

I've now recovered from that disappointment and decided to have another go. This time I thought I'd start with the outer row and make a hexagon - HOOORRRAAAAYYYYY. That worked. It's a true hexagon too. So, this is called the inside out hexagon. Well - at the moment. 

See the centre? Pretty awful so it's going to be 'back to the drawing board for a while. To make it I used a lock chain, a chain, a vsp, a chain, a vsp and another lock chain again. Totally NOT happy with that idea!!!

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Happy Beaks
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