18 June 2011

Beading the Fandango!

Well, you saw Sally's post here the other day and here's what I've been doing with the Fandango square down below.  This isn't a diamond as I'm sure you'll realise - it's a square standing on it's 'pointy bit'!!!!!

I'm really pleased with these and they'll make splendid pendants, I think.

BUT tat's not all!!!  I have another development in the pipeline (also known as brain cell 3) which I'll show you when that's finished!!! 

Also I'm making up the web page too - along with the full abbreviations which are absent on the current page.  I've 'tweaked' the stitch count too so if you've not got to downloading the pattern then please wait until I've got my act together properly and you'll have the whole 'properly finished' deal!!!

17 June 2011

Introducing the TTTB

Now this has been a nightmare to get out of my head and into 'real life'.  Very simple concept but I just couldn't see the finished item 'working'.

It holds loads too.  I put in some large balls of thread to hold it while taking photographs but will 'trial' it as a travelling bag.  

The real reason for making it was initially to carry my tatting press in that Ann gave me - here's the link.  I just was so worried about that getting dirty.  The press fits a treat so it was well worth all the agonising.  Now to make one to match the colouring of the press.

What do you think of it's name?  The Terribly Tidy Tat Bag (TTTB - as in the title of this post)?  Isn't that just the corniest name you've ever heard?  Mind, it might be easy to keep tidy as there are no corners to lose things in!!!!  Well, there are corners but they're easy to see into.  I've used velcro to close it and also to hold the handle back out of the way when it's being used - see the last photo.

I might make some more when we get back from our trip.  Depends on how much I spend while we're away - heee, heeeee, heeeeeeee!!!  If I've overspent then I'll put a few in the Etsy shop.  Having said that - I showed this to a friend and she's already put her name on it!!!!

16 June 2011

Oh sad, sad day

There I was walking back from Morrisons when I felt my necklace fall off.  It was a metal one that I'd put this Rainbow Taffy pendant on.  I picked it up and hunted for the pendant but it was nowhere to be found.  I was SO angry with myself.

So I made another!!!  Here it is with TWO Swarovski crystals hanging from it.  I hope I don't lose this one.  Still it was a good excuse to get out the Rainbow Taffy again!!!  Sadly the ball is looking very depleted now - what a good excuse to order another!!!!

Actually I think I like this one even more than the original pendant!!!

15 June 2011

Two more bracelets

Today I have two more bracelets.  Mainly to co-ordinate with my clothes but also just because I'm 'in the mood' to make them!!!!  The first one is just plain shell beads using the Winsome earring idea again.

THEN I thought about the thingamedooos that Kelly had included in her packet here and also some of the red beads that Ridgewoman sent me ages ago.  Actually I've used lots of the red beads but still have a few more to play with!!!  

Can you see what I've done here?  DARN IT - now I can see another pendant that can be made with these metal thingamedooos.

14 June 2011

More pendants!!

While I'm still 'in the mood' here are another two pendants!!!

I'm now cheating like crazy!!!  I've got them made onto ring findings which allow the necklace clasp to be threaded through.  This means ONE necklace will hold all of them according to the colour of the (inevitable) tshirt that I'm wearing that day!!! HOWSAT for a stroke of genius, eh?

I've also made a 'cord' type 'carrier' for the pendants too (you can just see that on the red one below) so they can either look 'formal' (on a chain) or 'casual' (on a cord).

As I generally class myself as a slob I really don't know why I bother except that I'm having fun 'bothering' - If you can understand!!!

Actually I enjoy wearing these - almost as much as earrings!!!!

13 June 2011

More of the same!!!

I do like to do a few of the same things when I get started so here are two more!!!

The top one is made in my favourite colour (at the moment) which is the Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy.  I just LOVE this thread.

The other is a thread which I pulled out of my HDT stash.  This purply colour was truly lovely and is a soft silky texture which I thought wouldn't be really suitable for a pendant as it was working out to be a bit 'bendy'!!!!  

I've given this away now in a dangle (which, of course, I forgot to scan). 

Yesterday was great - I listed all the shuttles, it rained all day and all of them sold.  Kept me delightfully busy and I didn't go 'stir crazy' being kept in the house.  I didn't want to get wet!!!!!

12 June 2011

Quick reminder!!!

I know that it's unusual for me to post on a Sunday but I thought I'd just put up a quick reminder about the shuttles going live later this morning in my Etsy shop.

They'll be ready for sale at midday - that's British Summer Time.

Right, off to search for breakfast!!!

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