15 June 2011

Two more bracelets

Today I have two more bracelets.  Mainly to co-ordinate with my clothes but also just because I'm 'in the mood' to make them!!!!  The first one is just plain shell beads using the Winsome earring idea again.

THEN I thought about the thingamedooos that Kelly had included in her packet here and also some of the red beads that Ridgewoman sent me ages ago.  Actually I've used lots of the red beads but still have a few more to play with!!!  

Can you see what I've done here?  DARN IT - now I can see another pendant that can be made with these metal thingamedooos.


Tatfully Yours said...

Wow!! I never thought of using the silver pieces the way you are!!! That is why you are the queen of tatting!!!! :)))

Margarets designer cards said...

You are on a roll with them at the moment two more lovely bracelets.

Gina said...

You are clearly having fun here!

God's Kid said...

Love the bracelets! :)

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Happy Beaks
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