18 June 2011

Beading the Fandango!

Well, you saw Sally's post here the other day and here's what I've been doing with the Fandango square down below.  This isn't a diamond as I'm sure you'll realise - it's a square standing on it's 'pointy bit'!!!!!

I'm really pleased with these and they'll make splendid pendants, I think.

BUT tat's not all!!!  I have another development in the pipeline (also known as brain cell 3) which I'll show you when that's finished!!! 

Also I'm making up the web page too - along with the full abbreviations which are absent on the current page.  I've 'tweaked' the stitch count too so if you've not got to downloading the pattern then please wait until I've got my act together properly and you'll have the whole 'properly finished' deal!!!


  1. Lovely design Jane.

    Intrigued as to how you attached the small ring as it looks too small for a shuttle to pass through it? Maybe it's a split ring, like a key ring and you attached it after the 'square' diamond's completion.

  2. Love tatting w/ beads and your work, as always, is lovely.

  3. Beads are always beautiful!
    Fox : ))

  4. Ooooo..this is so pretty with beads and I am thinking of all the lovely possibilities!!

  5. Hi Anne, perhaps you missed this post which explains how I attach to any finding!!!
    I NEVER sew anything onto tatting but always include it in the work. I'd never 'trust' anything to stay sewn on!!!!!

  6. Both are gorgeous, I know you like colour but I love the brown one the best.

  7. Oh this is NEAT, Jane! I love it!! Can't wait more ideas on the FANDANGO. ;p

  8. I’m drawn to the brown; and, I like square motif. It is intriguing to me, as well as triangles (though I’ve not tried many seriously)
    I’m in stitches sewing edgings on to baby socks. I’m wondering how those stitches will hold up in a washing machine.
    Tied up here in Silver with edgings and real estate in Sacramento. Too many pots on the fire for me. :>)
    xxxx P

  9. I'm amazed at the evolution of this wonderful new pendant - how it started out as a bookmark, then Val isolated one motif, then you took the motif and used split rings to create an 'illusion' of a cross.
    Your energy and creativity continue to astound me!

  10. Ooooh, Awesome pendants!!! :)


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