28 July 2023

Now how is the sewing getting on?

Well here's the progress so far.  
I'm hopeless at making decisions too far ahead but having decided on what I finally want from this fabric here's where I'm 'at' now!  BUT what do I really want from this adventure?  I think the closest thing I can tell you is that I want something I can wear!!!

27 July 2023

Scarf number 2 - progress

Progress is being made on the crochet scarf.  Not a lot as I'm in tatting designing 'mode' at the moment.  

Goodness knows if this will be another 'long lost' design which will lurk forgotten and unloved somewhere either on the iCloud or on the iMac!!!!!  Time and BC3's patience will tell!!!

26 July 2023

Sock it to me!!!

Still working on the first sock and somewhat panicking that I’ll have enough yarn to make the pair. The person I’m making this for wants the sock to be knee length which I’m fretting about because I’m not sure I’m going to have enough yarn for the pair.

The ‘gals’ at knitting group assure me that I should be able to get the pair out of a 100 gram ball but time will tell!!!

Each time I’ve finished a session of knitting I weigh the yarn left on the ball. It’s a bit of a tense situation here for my BC3!!!

24 July 2023

Monday moan

A week or so ago somebody contacted me to say there was a problem with one of my web pages.  This one, in fact.   

I quickly found out what the problem was and thought it might be a good idea to explain how things had gone wrong.  

Originally the page was done using LibreOffice which is free open source software and is similar to Microsoft Office.  When I used to build pages using this I had to ‘set’ images in a table to keep them in the place I wanted them to be.  

A few years on and I moved over to using Pages (IOS software) and it was really easy to open the doc versions done in LibreOffice in Pages and just carry on.  I found, however that it was better to remove the tables I’d set the images in as Pages allows you so much more flexibility in moving images around.  BUT when it came to the butterfly doily I appear to have forgotten to remove the tables and the one part got ‘buried under’ the other!!!  I managed to put it right straightaway.  As ever I’m always grateful to people who ‘tip me the wink’ when they find a problem.

On another occasion during the past few weeks I was also told that a technique page that I did was wrong too.  When I looked at it I could see nothing wrong so asked two more expert tatters to look it over too.  They couldn’t see a problem either so as the page has been floating around for twelve years I’ve left it.  I think the person who reported the problem to me was ‘over thinking’ what the page was all about!!!

A picture to cheer you up!! Taken yesterday on the rec.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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