23 September 2021

One glove done

Finally got the one glove done.  
You'll be sad to hear that I've ordered more yarn for more gloves so no more tatting to show for a while.  Which doesn't mean that I'm NOT tatting but more that I've nothing to show you as it's all design work which will be submitted for lessons next year.  So far I've only got three done and I really need 6.  I'm working on number four which is causing me some headaches!!!

Back to glove talk - the second of the pair shouldn’t take long as the fingers and thumb are already done.  Watch this space!!!

20 September 2021

Glove progression

After the fingers have been made it's time to join them and start the long journey down the hand.  NOT forgetting the thumb, of course.
As the pinky finger is lower down the hand than the other three fingers you need to work a few rows before joining that one in.  You can see that in this picture.

Also it's easier to change from the original dpn's (double pointed needles) to two circular ones (the same size, of course).  This is weird as you work with them but not in the round.  Actually it's really easy but my first attempt last year was a puzzle!!!  The pattern needs to be read carefully.  I'll give you the link again here.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.