11 March 2022

Four squares make a


Well a long way to go yet. I forgot to take a picture of 'just' the pink one!!! 

I'm going to put these together with a frame around each block and the whole thing so just have to wait for another warmer day - or two. 

I only sew when the weather's warm enough for me to do it in the conservatory and that's not happened a lot lately - the warm weather, I mean.

10 March 2022

Back to the Coats doily

When I posted the single motif I showed you on Monday I'd already got a lot further ahead due to the TIAS and me not using this blog for a few weeks.

You'll see that I managed to join each motif together and it does lie well. It was a bit of a nightmare but I made a few notes (I think!!) as I went along.

You may wonder at all the markers on the picture but they're there for reasons. The coloured yarn is so I know whether the motif was a first, second or third one and that helped enormously with the joining of them together. 

The pins on the outer edges are to show where I join the next round so now it's 'onwards and upwards'. Well, in theory!!!!

Considering that I've had this pattern for probably sixty years it's about time I conquered it!!!

9 March 2022

The scarf just grows

Now carefully relegated to 'Friday mornings only' (that's when I go to the knitting group) the scarf only grows slowly!!!! I'm still going to bore you with it from time to time, though!!!

8 March 2022

The cushion project

Looking back it appears that I'd forgotten (blame the TIAS!!) to explain the reason for the square crazy patchwork that I've been working on!!!!  BC3 can be SO unreliable!  So here it is.

The group I belong to on a Tuesday morning often does group projects.  We've made several quilts and last year we made cushions.  Well the cushions started pre lockdown but only got 'used' last June at a midsummer party in Lifeway's garden.

During the party we raffle our project and the money raised goes to a charity.  We've decided again this year to make cushions and as these are individual projects I've started on mine as you know.  

This is a ten inch square based on a five sided shape.  I found this video on YouTube which I thought was a great idea.  

7 March 2022

Coats second attempt

After giving up on the green Coats doily (here's the picture of the doily) because I was going to run out of thread and (mainly) because I didn't like all the fussy picots I went on a high level dive into my stash!!!

I knew I wanted to stick to size 40 thread but also that I needed quite a lot of it too. 

Fortunately I found this gorgeous Coats thread which is old but still fine and that's what I've decided to use. 

I've eliminated all the picots on the rings but have kept them on the chains on the outer row. Why? Well because it'll be easier for joining purposes later!!! Now somebody mentioned working out the joins by scanning the picture and enlarging it. I've already got the full pattern (and all my other leaflet patterns) digitised but when I tried to do this with the Coats one and enlarge the motifs it came out too fuzzy so I'm going to have to work it out from the text alone!!! 

That'll keep me quiet for a while!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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