4 July 2014

Gecko pink cocoa

Here's another gecko!!! in Lizbeth's pink cocoa.

I'm sure you can remember that I went through a phase recently of making geckos and then I went off and did other things. One evening recently I decided to make number 12 and here he is.

Sally kept asking me (Happy Birthday, sis) why I was making them and I couldn't give her an answer except that I was just enjoying the colours!! Well, yesterday I decided what their fate is going to be. A long wall hanging with them all running up and down the wall!!!

Then, of course, I decided that I'd better do a few in size 40 and 80 to vary the look of it so that's going to be my 'fun tat' for a while.


Maureen said...

Maybe you should have your gecko-wall turned into wallpaper! - it would be great. I love this pink one.

Pigmini said...

Love that idea!! Now to 'attack' my stash of lace threads for tiny dragons, gecko's, snowflakey whatsits.... (wonder if they'd be small enough for earwigs....) VBG

Jane McLellan said...

Great idea. I like those geckos, great pattern. More appropriate on a wall than on my food cover perhaps!

linb54 said...

or a curtain for one of your windows? ;)

Tally Tatty said...

Geckos also walk on ceilings, jane!

Sally Kerson said...

Your gecko's look so much tidier than mine, each time I make one the legs turn out differently! They always remind of our trips to Asia. Thanks for the birthday greeting

God's Kid said...

Very nice gecko!! :)

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