8 March 2017

Dora strikes again

Now this is the start of a sweet little motif on page 25 of the Dora Young book. I really like the pure simplicity of this one.

I'm very, very tempted to return and make another of these although I've already done two!!!! Just love the challenge now that I've got my own notes on 'how to'!!! I think Heidi maybe using some of the notes in the re-print which will (hopefully) save many from suffering the 'brain ache' that I did when trying to work it out!!! Mind, BC3 can be VERY useful sometimes. Well, when he's not sulking!!!


  1. Looks Good! I am still looking for the book. Barbara H at PTG has a copy she let me browse last meeting. I am just so green about it.

  2. Ooh! I really like this one, and not just because it's blue! ;-)

  3. Stop it! You know we can't get this book and we're all desperate!!! Rofl

    1. Hahahaha totally agree!!

  4. Looks great!!! :)
    I think you have sold the reprint of this book before it's even out many, many times over already!!!


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Happy Beaks
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