20 October 2010

Starting again!

Top news for those in the UK.  You might have missed the comment on my Ez Bob ramble about a supplier in the UK so I'm adding it here.   OK now back to today's post!!!!

Do you remember this pattern?  Here's the link. 

Well I daredn't think how many of these small diddly things I've made over the years since I first put the pattern on my site.  Whenever THAT was!!

So a few weeks ago I was desperately wanting to make this into an earring.  First of all let me say I don't like butterflies which are dangling from a feeler picot from an ear finding.  To me it looks as if they've been put there as an 'afterthought'!!!

That's just me, though so please don't get offended by that remark.

So, knowing that this was a cracking little pattern I set off trying to get the 'look' I wanted.  Here's what I came up with and here they are in my Etsy shop.


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Great idea Jane! I like how you have the beads lined up the butterfly. This makes a really cute earring!!

Tatfully Yours said...

Nice work!! Will have to give that a try. But not now. Headache is lifting! LOL

Talk to you soon!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Brillant butterflies, love how you used the beads, Margaret

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Happy Beaks
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