13 November 2010

Oh, dear, what a waste!

I consider the Victorian purse experiment a waste of time, effort, thread and beads!!!  OR is it?  Here is the first stage which I showed you a week or two ago.

Well the beads aren't a waste cause those can be re-used!!!  

Looking at the picture of this in the original book (published 1870) it's obvious that all the illustrations were either drawings or etchings.  So this means that the end result which looks lovely and flat is really down to 'artistic licence'!!!  

On the final round here it states that the rings are started at the outside and a new one worked leaving a 'short distance' of thread in between.  Well I took a look at that, tried it and then decided to start by joining to the very small picot on the previous round and having the rings face 'outwards'.  This shouldn't have made any difference in the results except that a small length of thread between each ring is now hidden in between the rings rather than on the outside.  But I don't like it!!!  Some of the beads still have a tendency to turn inwards!!!  This has been 'wetted' thoroughly, poked and prodded and pressed.

Now, what do I do?  Do I continue and do the other side or do I call this a 'lesson learnt' and re-cycle it!!!!  

There is another option, of course and that is to 'make it work' by re-designing the whole thing!!!!  Answers on a postage stamp, please, addressed to the 'Old Git, UK'!!!  Please use a postage stamp as then you won't be able to write rude things on it!!!!

I really, really want to be making bookworm bookmarks which are in my Etsy store and not playing with this purse!!! 


Vanessa said...

I really like your sense of humour. Thanks for brightening my evening up :)

In fact, you've brightened my whole week up, becuase the Palmetto Tatting CD arrived with your lovely robin on it :)!!!!!

Maureen said...

Tat wormy bookmarks for now, and put this one on the back burner until the New Year - because I really really like it, it's stunning!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think I'll have to fly over and see this little purse in person to understand what the problem is. As you can see, my message is already too long to fit on a postage stamp, which must mean I have no solution...

I think it looks beautiful! If you do decide to redesign it, I'm sure it will be so much better. How about after making those bookworm bookmarks? ; )

Anonymous said...

In order of importance:
2. Finish the Purse
3. Redesign
Artists could write all this on a grain of rice - it certainly could fit on a stamp.

Fox said...

Well, all I can say, looking at my screen, is that my palms are itching to reach out and grab the thing and SQUEEZE! It has a very tactile-looking little roundness to it, which must be attributed to the great number of black beads. Oh, I say keep going. You never know. There could be an OVERWHELMING demand for Victorian coin purses in the next thirty days!!!

Purse Positive Fox : )

Miranda said...

Er, where exactly is the problem? I think it looks wonderful. Put it aside for a while and work on the bookmarks and whatever else you want to do. When you come back to it, I suspect that whatever flaws you are currently seeing won't be nearly as visible to you.

TAT19540 said...

Learning is never a waste, just frustrating sometimes. Maybe walking away from it and working on bookmarks will stimulate brain cell #3 on how to make the purse work. If not, scissors work great!

Sally Kerson said...

I think you should go back to the purse after Christmas, because it has the makings of a great design. I'll have a look at it next time I'm your way, the colours are also great.

Ginny W said...

I love the way it looks in your picture, But i can understand it might be different in real life. But i do love the colors your choose to do it with also

ancolie said...

I find it really good ! nice work ...anyway you always make beautiful works ;-)
best wishes
Ancolie (France)

Ladytats said...

Hi Jane, is this the bottom of the purse flattened on your scanner? or just one side of it?
the colors work well together, and the shape and design are also workable, however, it looks crowded. that may be why some of your beads turn inward. is it possible that the bulk of the beads simply means you need to spread the tatting out? adding some more ds might make it workable.

I have no firm ideas for you other then to lay it down and cover it up until after the new year and tat what your heart desires and let the brain percolate. you just might dream up something that will work.

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Nothing is a waste of time, its just a practice piece.... isn't it. Try re-designing it when you have time, and do your bookmakers, coming back to it will give you time to think what needs re-designing.
Have a nice weekend,

Typstatting said...

I think you need to just put it aside and pick it up later. It looks really great, so just get on with your bookmarks for now.

Valerie said...

the purse looks kind of nice in the combination of thread and bead colours, although the beads look somewhat funny, going in quite many directions. i can't tell what the problem might be, but knowing the good ol' jane, u can surely do a little tweaking to make it all work. nothing wasted i think. :)

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