11 November 2010

New shuttles for MEEEEEE.

I mentioned ages ago that the Fringe Element Tatters were using one of my patterns as a logo on their shuttle this year.

Well guess what?  I have my VERY OWN Fringe Element shuttle.  Here it is.  It's a joy to hold and fondle.  No, I'm not going 'kinky' on you.  Just I can't think of a better description!!!


TAT19540 said...

Nice shuttle. Nice tribute to you and your tatting too. You are one lucky Lady!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Your design on a shuttle, how awesome is that!
BTW, your little magnet bookmark is soooo cute!!

Karrieann said...

...simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

We should start calling you Lucky Jane!!

I love shuttles made from wood. The feel of them in my hands, I know exactly what you mean by your description... Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to work with a wood post shuttle - only the flat ones, but I love it nonetheless.

Can't wait to see what project you'll take on with your new shuttles!

Martha said...

That's OK, I fondle some of my pretty shuttles too. Should we start a support group, Shuttle Fondlers Anonymous?

Ridgewoman said...

Sign me up, Martha! SFA sounds perfect! I do love the SShop shuttles. bj

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