7 November 2010

Never on Sunday!!!!

Except THIS Sunday!!!!  Well I suppose old people should never say 'never'!!!!

A brief update after yesterday's (rather late!) post!!  Why late?  Because I forgot to check that it had gone out!! I'd set it to go out but didn't check the time!!!

Anyway since then I've had the following from Jane:-

"Hi Jane, hmmmm, there's a difference alright. Actually, the thread wasn't bought in South Africa, my daughter Penny bought it for me in Australia.  (Proper cotton thread is difficult to come by in the small towns here, though I'm sure you can buy it in bigger centres). I suspect that the standardisation of sizes just isn't as good as one would hope for. DMC is a well known brand, so it's surprising. I suppose the implication is that one shouldn't mix brands? The flurry looks great. But all this does have implications for pattern writing and what not, I think. Interesting, as you say!!"

Here's the label that was on Jane's thread.  Oh, do you like my HDT message?!?!?!?  That's Hand Dyed Text, of course!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

It seems the thread was a bit thicker than what we would normally use for a No 20 but they look good whatever the thickness. Margaret

Anonymous said...

cheeky, Cheeky.... Hand Dyed Text! LOL

I don't think it matters if one is older or younger - I think the word Never should never be used (Lol)... I know from my experience, when I say never, it ALWAYS happens :-D

Fox said...

I noticed last year that some of the Cebelia had "Made in France" on the label and it was thinner and not as fuzzy as Cebelia, bought in the same place (Mary Maxim - a craft store in Toronto). Both balls of thread looked identical, but on closer inspection, the labels were discreetly different. The 'made in France" balls are definitely superior in quality and hardly ever seen on the shelf.

The sales people could not answer my questions. Frustrating.
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

While hand-dyed text is clever; I found it hard to read. Probably why in graphic design they always suggested no more than 2 different fonts, and no white on black…our gestalt of seeing is very interesting. (of course, my graphic design work at UC Davis, CA, was back in the 80's and pre CAD systems).
All that said, the thread colors are lovely, whatever the size!
xxxx P

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