6 November 2010

Pretty, pretty, pretty thread

Now these didn't come from the USA!!!!  No, nor from the UK.  They came from Jane in South Africa who is doing her own HDT.

Aren't these just DDG?  Oh, you want a translation?  Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!!  First thing I did was to wind them onto my last two Ezbob's.  The green is waiting for one to become 'vacant'!!! 
The second thing I did was to tat up a flurry with the pinky one.  This is it below.  What I found most surprising was the size it turned out.  Jane says the thread is Cebelia number 20 but look what happens when you put it next to another flurry worked in Lizbeth and another HDT in 20.  If anybody can shed any light on this mystery then please do tell us!!!  Is it the dyes that have done it or is Cebelia 'different'?  OR another thought occurs to me - are the threads re-labelled when they go to South Africa.  There's food for thought!!!!


Crazy Mom! said...

I'm willing to bet that's Cebelia size 10. The colors are lovely!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

The colors in the HDT are beautiful. Nice Job Jane (from South Africa)!
The Flurries look great in her HDT's.

Fox said...

I really gotta get to tatting this pattern - it's a must do! Love both of these colourways.
Fox : )

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely colours, I have no idea why the thread is so different, perhaps their no20 is equal to a no 10, either way the colours are beautiful on both of them, the pattern is lovely and like Fox it is a must do. Margaret

Gina said...

I've noticed the Lizbeth is slightly smaller than other size 20's but not that much smaller! If the HDT was made from Lizbeth white it would match sizewize.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Are there titles to each colorway?

Unfortunately, I don't believe I'm familiar with Ms. Jane of South Africa - where might I find her blog, or information to her HDTs?

Maybe I'm mistaken, but they remind me of some of the colors used in African garments - too cool!

Honestly, I don't know much about thread and their sizes - it's all a learning process as I go.
Some friends (who crochet) and I went together to buy some thread from Hobby Lobby - they purchased Aunt Lydia size 10, I purchased Lizbeth size 20 as that is what I'm familiar with. After seeing the Aunt Lydia in size 10, I started to regret not getting one to try out - the size 10 is equal to a size 20 in Lizbeth. Now I know.

Oh, and my favorite thread is the Tridalia Super by Coats - it's marked as a size 8, but is a little finer than a size 20 (I would guess it's closer to a size 30)... go fig!

TAT19540 said...

I agree with Crazy Mom Tats, it has to be a size 10. I also have noticed that some Lizbeth size 20 tats small that other size 20. The colors are lovely and your pattern really brings that out. I see you have only a single bead in the center, very nice.

Katherinne McKay said...

I go between Lizbeth and Cebela, and that looks like a size 10 to me. There is a -tiny- difference between the two, but not that much. Try it against another size 10 thread -- the balls may have been mislabeled before she got them.

The colors are beautiful, though! She did an awesome job!

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