1 November 2010

A start on the Victorian purse

Now you saw my post (or maybe not!) last week (or it could've been the week before!!) over the purse in the Mrs Beeton's Book of Needlework so, after that I'd said all that I, thought 'why not'.  Why not what?  Why not another try!!!!!

Back when I did the black and white version we didn't have computers or such like so everything had to be 'jotted down' on paper.  This made sorting out this pattern back 'then' almost impossible as it's not easy to understand in the first place!!!!  Also I was about thirty years younger, with young kids, teaching full-time and all the complications that brings to one's craft life.

This time round I realised straight away that the centre of the black and white one is wrong but I sort of remember thinking that it wouldn't work so did it 'my way'.  Well it doesn't 'really' work but I used the instructions this time round and followed them to the letter (no, sorry, number)!!!!  Of course the fact that it doesn't 'sit' right could be down to the thickness of the thread or the size of the beads - not sure.

Then onto round 1.  Softly softly catchee monkey!!!  I did this exactly according to the written word too. 

Looking closely at the picture in the book it does look as if it's OK but I'm not happy with the way some of the beads have turned towards the inside of the rings.  Still 'upwards and onwards' and all that guff!!!!!!


Typstatting said...

Thats a wonderful start, love the colour and beads that you used! Cant wait to see it finished.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It sure looks pretty so far!

Maureen said...

This is going to be stunning - so many beads to control!

Anonymous said...

Yummy beads and thread.

Can't wait to hear.... "The Rest of the Story"!

Thoug I can predict the outcome... it's going to be loverly!

Fox said...

Loving the look thus far...
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

That looks so amazing to me! :)

Tatman said...

You mean there is tatting in this motif???? {cheeky grin}

It is beautiful!


Art by JoyMac said...

WOW it looks fabulous....now I am longing to see the finale
Joy in OZ

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Happy Beaks
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