2 November 2010

Look at this!!!!

It's always very reassuring to find out that people actually make up some of the patterns that are on my pattern page - or elsewhere!!!!  

Elizabeth sent me this last week along with this comment:-

"Here is my first leaf.  I will tat some more to put on a shirt.  I ordered the Palmetto CD just to get your leaf and bird.  It is a very good CD.  Lots of nice patterns."  

Well I left the last sentence off cause it made me blush!!!!


  1. I didn't think you were the blushing type! Oh well we learn something new every day. L.O.L

  2. Yes Ms Jane, you are loved by many!

  3. Lovely leaf, I am sure you are blushing with pride. Margaret

  4. Your leaf makes me want to tat over a new one!
    Fox ; ))

  5. Lovely Leaf Jane...BRAVO
    Jpy in OZ

  6. Anonymous12:04 am

    I've tatted up many of your patterns, really could not tell you which ones but many all are easy to read and tat up beautifully.
    thank you


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