9 November 2010

More from t'other Jane

Before I show you Jane's work from last week I want to just let you know that the beaded neck purse that I took down from my pattern pages is now back up and re-worked!!  Not too many differences but more a matter of checking it out and making one or two 'improvements'!!!!  This is the link.

Jane's been in touch again despite poor internet connections.  Here is the mini button flower made into a bookmark and this is what she says:-

"I thought you might like to see  how I turned your mini button flower into a bookmark. The leafy braid is, like that other bookmark you made famous (!), my adaption of an Anna pattern, from May 1984. I thought the colours in the mini flower looked rather autumnal, so I made another one and added a leaf at the bottom. I did look for that leaf that you did with beaded veins, but I don't think it's on your pattern pages? This one I copied from Singtatter's blog. I'm thinking of doing it again with a few beads added."


Typstatting said...

Jane~ Your purse pattern is great will definately have to put it on my to do list. Also could you please tell the other Jane that her work is lovely, love the colours that she chose!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Jane,

I agree with TypsTatting. I've got the purse pattern saved, and have added it to my list of tatting to do. Also, please tell Jane S.A. that it is nice to see her work - and it's lovely!!


Martha said...

Is that a line of off-center split rings in Jane's picture? Very, very nice effect.

cattytat said...

I love the bookmarks and the flurry snowflake, but please can you tell me where I can find out how to do inverted tatting...Thanks...Susan

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, cattytat, I know how to do it but can't find you a technique page at the moment! Perhaps that should be my next project!!! If you email me privately I'll see what I can do to help. Tell me which pattern you're making - that'll help too!!!

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