8 November 2010

Pondering on which way is 'best'!

Before I start - did you notice MY HDT on yesterday's post?  Only Lily and Ridgewoman commented on it!!!  It made me giggle as it was done at the very last minute before posting.  Little things please little minds!!!

First of all - news for those who are interested in the Pop a Bobbin shuttles.  There will be more in my Etsy store on Wednesday.  10 pm GMT.

Here's a list of shuttles which will be available.  Elm – 3, Oak – 1, Cocobolo Rosewood – 2, Iroko – 3, Purple Heart – 2 and Cedar – 4.  All have hooks BUT I met up with 'im in the garage at the weekend to fell some apple branches and I've asked him to make a few without hooks for the next 'batch' AND two more of the very large post shuttles with hooks.  

I'm also hoping to have something really novel to put in the store soon too.  I'm not telling what it is but I've not seen anything like it tatted before!!!!!

A few days ago I needed something relaxing to be doing in the evening so thought I'd make two flurries using the contrast colours in the opposite way!!!!  

Can you see what I've done?  Here they are!!!


Miranda said...

I like them both, but I slightly prefer the one on the right. The solid color points emphasize the snowflake shape more. That's a really pretty HDT, too.

Gina said...

I like the one on the left best.

yep, saw your post yesterday. I seem to vaguely remember reading somewhere else that some threads overseas have a different measurement. Up til then, I thought that. at least was standard, but look at Altin Basak size 50 - which is really between 20 & 30 for most of us. Nothing like DMC or Flora size 50.

TAT19540 said...

Hey I've done that by accident! I agree with Gina- different countries, different thread size for same numbers. It really doesn't matter because working with HDT is fun no matter what size of thread!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, I think both flakes look very nice, but if I had to choose, I would lean a little more to the one on the right. It will be interesting to see other comments on this. I see you already had one for each. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I really like those... both of them!!! The one on the right appeases to me more, though both of them together make a splendid pair and should not be separated (like Gina's Sock Monkeys!!)

Martha said...

I rarely comment, but I always read! That Cebelia label looks just like mine, but my Cebelia 20 is only a tiny bit bigger than the Lizbeth. Could they have put the wrong label in?

Lovely colors on the flurries, and I like the one on the left better!

Fox said...

Hard-pressed to choose a fave, but I think I have to go à la droit!

They are both great and I see a pattern here for my blue beads! Thank you! I have been wondering what to do with them and I have been trying to get to this pattern since you posted it. Ah, a decision at last!
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

Always one to swim against the stream, I vote left. But probably because the bead showed up so brightly. LOL And, I like the dominate blue. I like blues that have a green hue (I live in the land of Turquoise here in the Southwest).

xx P

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