21 February 2011

More shuttle news!

Before I start - I must tell you that a shuttle posted on 15th December has turned up two months and four days after mailing!!!  If only it could speak I bet it could tell a tale!!!  Would it be about Royal Fail or USA Snail, I wonder!!!!!

Now most of you will have seen and heard a lot about 'im in the garage's Pop a Bobbin shuttles and post shuttles all made in wood.  If you haven't seen them please look in the Pop a Bobbin Shuttle page which can be found above this post.

What I'm going to natter about today is another type of shuttle being made by Chris and Erin Hinton.  They make wooden ones usually but have branched out (scuse pun!) into epoxy ones too.

Erin asked me if I could make some diddly critters to go in them ages ago so I thought 'why not'!!!  Out came 'you know who' and off we both went hand in hand!!!!!  I've still got other ideas but below (right at the bottom) are a few of the next batch.  Hope to show you the rest in a few days.

This is the finished shuttle that they've already made - a seahorse on one side and a fish on t'other.  If you one of these shuttles with a critter in, or anything else - don't ask me please, as I live too far away from Erin!!!!  DOOOO contact her on this email address


Margarets designer cards said...

Amazing two months and four days, I wonder where it around the world. My post office does not bring mail that is too big for the letter box, thats nice now I have to do a round trip of 12 miles just to collect mail they wont give the postman/woman to deliver, how do they know if it will go in my letter box.
I like the new shuttles, no I wont ask you I will go Erin, I have not brought any new shuttles for ?? years.
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I saw the epoxy shuttles when they were first made *at the Tattingforums.com* - Anne B did the first tatting for the shuttles *if I'm not mistaken* - they are so neat.

I love the idea of the animals inside! Really like the humming bird and seahorse... I think a totally awesome one would be a gecko lizard!!

What do you think, Jane?

Valerie said...

glad u recovered and have something nice to show and say... lol

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

WoW,,,,I know USA could be sllloooowwwww. And they can't understand why the higher they jack up prices,,,the less they are used. Oh well, that is government!

Oh Jane,,,,I do LOVE your hummingbirds best of all. The seahorse and other critters are adorable as well.

Fox said...

Oh yes! Tatskool should have one of those! A gecko shuttle would be perfect for her!
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

Those shuttles should keep tatting from getting mundane from time to time. :)
They are adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog post. I love the little animals for the epoxy shuttles. Wanted to share with you that I am doing your pattern for the fandango bookmark. I'm going to give it to my lovely mom-in-law. She loves to read Debbie Macomber books as I do too. I love your posts as usual. Have a great day!

Jenni said...

Love the new shuttles. They should do one with a pick. Not having a hook or a pick on my shuttle makes me crazy!

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