19 February 2011

Ziltch, nada, nowt!!!!

You're not going to believe this but I've got nothing to SAY or show!!!!!

An extremely long, very busy and stressful day yesterday so I did nothing in my little corner of tat land!!!!  In fact I sat down with a couple (note, not one!) glasses of wine in the evening and - well, just did nothing!!!  Oh, I did eat a WHOLE bar of chocolate too which was very hard with having to make the oh so tired jaw work.  Yummy, though!

Please don't send for emergency services - I'll recover.  Watch this space on Monday, though!!!!   I hope to be able to make up for my silence!!!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hope everything is ok. ((Hugs))

TAT19540 said...

Ah Jane what ever could be better for relaxing after a LONG day of work than NOTHING! Well maybe tatting so- enjoy!

Anonymous said...

take it as a MINI vacation... I know there are times when I just don't feel like doing anything (not even tatting)... so i'll pull out some chocolate and put in a movie (movies don't require any brain work) LOL

Beelizabeth said...

If I sent for emergency services I'm afraid they'd come at the pace of my shuttles through the Royal Fail so all I can say is "Enjoy doing nothing." I mean even doing nothing is necessary to rejuvenating, so it's not really doing nothing.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I feel bad that you are stressed about something, but I'm glad to see you take a breather, even for just one day! I really don't know how you blog every day and come up with design after design and do so much tatting! It's all I can do to turn on the computer and surf the blogs! I simply don't have the energy that you do - and we're the same age!

Loved reading your tatting story! I had the same pigtails around the same time!!! I would love to know more about your childhood during those years in England, with all the rebuilding. I had a blissfully ideal childhood over here, and taught myself (via the Learn How book) to knit and crochet (in 1956), but had to wait 30 more years to learn to tat!

Unknown said...

No estoy segura si perdonarte, jeje,... si nos recompensas, quizás,me plantee perdonarte, jejeje....... Nos tienes mal acostumbradas, poniendonos lindas cosas todos los días, y claro... te tomas un dia de vacaciones, y nos ponemos de morros,jajajaja..... Espero hayas disfrutado de tu vaso de vino(podias haberme invitado, jajajajaj)...... Abrazos

I'm not sure forgive you, lol ... if we reward, perhaps, raise forgive me, hehehehe ....... We got spoiled, putting beautiful things every day, and of course ... you take a vacation day, and we start sulking, hahahaha ..... I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine (I could have invited, hahaha )...... Hugs

Margarets designer cards said...

I am sure the rest will do you good and you will c ome back to your tatting with new vigour.
Look forward to seeing your new items after am evenings rest and play.

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