18 February 2011

A parade of kitties

First of all - I've sourced some more shell beads from the shop where I bought the originals.  Here's the link although the guy is going to be away next week - I can wait until he gets back.  I also bought some of the rings he's got on his front page.  Do I need neon rings and what would I do with them!!!  I also bought some of those in orange and blue when I was there!!!!!  I MAY have to play with those soon.  Also I'm going to make another magnetic bookmark with that new starry pattern but which colours shall I use?  Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!

Inspired by Ridgewoman's new soul mate (Pippa the cat) I started in on this design a few weeks ago.  I kept putting it down, picking it up and generally messing around with it!!!  

I started off with a standing version (which I'll go back to next!) and thought it was a bit boring.  Then, looking at pictures of cats on the internet, I decided that a stretching cat was what I'd do.  If only I could stick to the simple things in life!!!

Anyway, here's a progression and degression of the kitties with the final one at the bottom.  Well, I THINK it's the final one but I'm not sure!!!  Having scanned it I'm even MORE not sure.  So, back to the drawing board - or, rather, the tatting shuttles!!!

What I have to ask myself (and anybody reading this) is if the bottom one needs more tweaking.  No, perhaps it doesn't, yes it does, no it doesn't.  Darn it - another break from kitties is called for!!!!


  1. They look purrfect to me!!! Meow

  2. They look like they are playing, and purrrrrrrrrfect to me.

  3. I totally agree with Sally - you can almost hear the calico cat at the bottom purring!

  4. That is amazing! You have a gift! :)

  5. You have such talent! These are fab!
    Fox : )

  6. Look like stretching cats to me! If you're going to mess with it, figure out how to make a triangle-shaped picot for the ear. ;)

  7. I like it and I ALSO like the one on the far, lower (?) right (the one with 2 ears. Pippa laid her paw on the final one, but that could have been because the cursor was there ~ wel’ll never know. Figuring out what Pippa is thinking is kind of like figuring out how you come up with these great designs.
    I meant to comment sooner but have been a bit under the weather for 3 days...I feel a bit better today...xxxx P

  8. The kitten is fabulous, but I agree with Marty that the ear needs to be pointed - not a picot, is there some way to make a triangular chain? My cats all had triangular ears - except for poor old Mischka whose right ear was bitten off in a rather spectacular battle one night!
    I visited your bead man, and you must have sent hom so many people that he buckled under the pressure! - because there is a notice saying that he cannot do online orders just now!

  9. Looks good! The only thing that might help is if the head looks a little more like a cat head (maybe this has to do with needing a triangular ear - don't know)

    maybe a couple of bugle beads would help it get that triangle shape?

    Oh, and I mean no negatives or criticism... it's all meant constructively with love!!

  10. Sooo cuuute!!!
    About the triangular... IMHO the base of the ear should be wider - perhaps a double picot with the bottom thread nearly not showing (if you can understand my broken english explanation ;-))
    But nevertheless I would adopt them as they are!


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