23 February 2010

Thoughts on HDT

Not sure whether this post should also have been titled 'thoughts of a grumpy old woman' (AKA git!).

You see it's like this.  Or as my dad insists on saying 'the point about it is, Sally'.  Yes, I know my name's not Sally but in my 66 years he's not yet learnt my name!!!  Sorry, I digress.

I have never really liked variagated threads.  There, I've said it.  Why?  Well I think they're too fussy for me.  I grew up craving colours but the one or two vari ones that Coats did way back then weren't that appealing to a kid (I remember a cream to brown one which I now crave for animals!!).  Anyway, along came the dawn of HDT.  Old grumpy here has avoided it.  Grumped and groaned about it but saw the odd pattern worked in it which looked very pretty.  AH, perhaps this is part of my problem - it's the fact that most of the time it seems to destroy the pattern and the intricacies of the design get lost.  

Until Tatskool sent me some of her HDT.  That was pretty darn cool.  Then Sue Anna gifted me some of Yarnplayers HDT - that was stunning.  Then I won some from a giveaway by Krystledawn.  That's pretty darn cool too. 

It arrived the other day and it sort of looked - well, see the skein below - not that inspiring.  UNTIL, yes, UNTIL I started winding it onto an Ezybob.  WOWEEEEEE.  I love it and can't wait to use that too.  I've used some of the Yarnplayer HDT in the leaves AND for something else which I can't show yet.  Tatskool's has gone too.

The old git is slowly and steadily changing her mind.  Well, being a woman I am allowed to. 


Nancy G said...

Well Sally, hummm Jane lol, We're never to old to try something new...*smile*. Can't wait to see what you are working on!

Gina said...

They're still pretty much a shot-in-the-dark as to how they will tat up. Some that look beautiful on the ball look horrible tatted up and vice versa. I wish I knew a good way to figure it out. I've been hoarding mine until I find just the right pattern for just the right color combination. I don't mind wasting it when it's a big ball that I'm going to be hard pressed to use up in 10 years but the smaller skeins don't go far so I procrastinate. LOL!

TAT19540 said...

**WARNING** Hdt thread can become habit forming! I know from personal experience.lol. I use to think white was the color for tatting and loved all the things I saw in that color. Than I dicovered Jon Yusoff's blog and all the wonderful things she did with hdt and varigated threads.WOW I was converted. White still is king for some tatting, but isn't nice to have a choice! Colored doilies and snowflakes are just as stunning as their white conterparts. Sometime change is good.

Crazy Mom! said...

We'll make an HDT addict of you yet! - no can't do that, it's copyrighted under my MIUAYGA copyright.

You should see my stash of HDT. I lurve it.

erin said...

Welcome to the dark side, Jane, er, Sally!

IsDihara said...

So glad to hear that your appreciation for HDT is growing. The ultimate question is, of course, using it to its AND the design's best advantage. Still working this one out for myself, but so far the journey is great fun!

Sally Kerson said...

After seeing your HDT you might have converted me too Sally!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for your comments, folks - I think I'm getting the HDT 'bug'!!! Thank you too, Jane, for your comment!!! For those who don't know - I get called Sally and she gets called Jane!!! You're confused? So are we!!!!

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