26 February 2010

Before and after

When I was at Palmetto last September they announced a fund raiser for this year's Tat Days.  Georgia is IC (In Charge) of this and I (foolishly!) picked a square out to do.

Why foolishly?  Well because I'd never ever decorated a quilt square before.  There I was thinking this would take just a day or two in the long winter months and would be easy.

Oh no it wasn't - easy, that is.  AND it took a lot longer than a few days even with the help of brain cell number 3!!!!

I finally got it done although I'm not sure it couldn't have had more work and time spent on it but in the end I told myself it was finished and I mailed it to Georgia a few weeks ago.  I do hope it's OK.

The top picture shows the 'before' and underneath is the mess I made of it.  


Anonymous said...

Jane, I think the CQ square looks terrific! You're an inspiration to get mine done. I've barely begun, i.e. early idea stage, nothing tangible yet. It's a cool platform for tatting, I think. The whole quilt will be beyond awesome.
Katie V in NC

Maureen said...

I can see the lovely leaves... and hearts and butterflies - it looks just perfect to me!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Your quilt square looks really good Jane~ I like all the bits of tatting you used especially the leaves!!

Sharon D. said...

I think it looks great. The quilt will be great.

Ginny W said...

I think it is wonderful great job!!!!

Umintsuru said...

Dear Jane,
Love the tatted beaded laeves. I am just starting mine. Wish me luck!

Crazy Mom! said...

Who ever gets this quilt will have SUCH a treasure! I think your square is splendid!

erin said...

I think it's faboo! I have a square that's very similar. I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend. I'll share my disaster with you when done. Heh.


Typstatting said...

What mess where? All I can see is a gorgeous QC block. I have a few that I started ages ago. And yours has inspired me to finish them.

Maggie said...

I so agree with you - this is not easy! I have been steadily working on my block for the past 6 weeks and my pile of rejects is larger than the pile of acceptable motifs for the quilt block. I think your block looks terrific. I can only hope mine turns out half as well.

Valerie said...

Cool 'mess', Jane.

H J Hess said...

The block I am working on has me in agony.
But after seeing yours, I am inspired to reach higher.
Thank you for posting yours!
Hugs, Hegla
P.S. Ken says "Hi".

Fox said...

It looks fab! A happy piece!
Fox : )

Cindy said...

A fine mess, indeed! So much inspiration here - I would love to try adding some tatting to my quilts.

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