9 June 2009

More of the same thing.

Yesterday was 'difficult' in my wee corner of tat land!! Why? Regular maintenance of this main computer caused problems!! Yup, you download software to help and this succeeds in 'not helping'. Finally all was sorted.

This could be the 'almost last' of this session's double sided motif - just need to do a check list on how many I actually need for presents then add a few spares if needed.

While I'm here I must comment on something dear to my heart.

The closing of the tattinggoddesss list.

I follow Gina's blog avidly, and have been torn between commenting on the list and/or the blog and usually find that the blog comment is easier by far. I always have my blog open at the dashboard (in one of the tabs) so I can easily see what the people I follow are up to!!!

Blog commenting is almost a private conversation on a 'one to one' basis whereas the lists are very public. This means that I can say things on a blog more easily and in a more relaxed manner than on a 'list'. I will continue to follow Gina with gusto until the next development happens on the internet!!!

To use an old git's addage - Rock on Gina.


Maureen said...

Spot On, Jane; Gina will be missed!

TattingChic said...

You know, I NEVER knew that Gina had a list...how out of the loop am I? I have actually been reading her blog off and on since she started it, but only in the last year have I been actively commenting on her blog.

The motifs are lovely, Jane! :)

Isdihara said...

Much like TattingChic, I NEVER knew that Gina had a list. Mores the pity, because now it is gone.

Love the Celtic tatting, Jane!

Gina said...

Thank you Jane! (blush)
I used to have a "join yahoo groups" link on my blog but when I began to feel I wanted to let go of it, I took it off....didn't stop people from joining though. LOL! The list isn't gone yet - perhaps someone will still volunteer to take it but if not, it'll close mid-July. My blog will continue however.

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